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Top 10 things that Job Seeker should know

As a new grad, you’re more likely to be getting your feet wet in the world of job searching. It can be overwhelming to navigate resumes, cover letters, applications, and more. At the same time, it can be intimidating and exciting. Even though job hunting is never fun, those who are well-prepared will have a more enjoyable experience. In today’s market, there are some things that job seeker should know from the beginning of their search for work. While finding work is not a science and there are many aspects to consider, there are a few things that everyone would benefit from knowing.

Top things every job seeker should know

  • Use Your network

The first thing we need to discuss is something that may not be under your control. The number of positions filled without advertisements is on the rise. Networking is such an important element of the job search now that it’s virtually impossible to conduct one without hearing about its importance, and that’s true today more than ever. As the HR department is busy, it is more likely that a referral will be hired. And why not hire someone who belongs to a company’s advocacy group?

In light of the massive increase in informal hiring, it’s important to remember that finding a job is always a challenge. Don’t limit your job search to the old ways – get out, meet people, and treat each encounter as an opportunity!

  • Clean up your activities on social media

Employers Google candidates before hiring, and social media profiles can be immediately concerning. Make sure your social media handles are clean before you begin your job search! Many people, especially those on social media, respond defensively to this advice, believing it’s un-Orwellian for their actions to be watched, despite the fact that once it reaches the public, it’s almost impossible to remove. Consider removing it from the Internet if it seems questionable.

  • Make a strong Resume

It is impossible to predict what will work in three or ten years from now when it comes to resume standards. Most positions that do appear on job boards use online applications, so the appearance of your resume matters far less than what’s on it. Color and artistic flare would only confuse the computer screens. However, it is still important that the document be attractive and easy to read.

There are some ATS systems that ignore serif fonts entirely, so your impressive resume won’t even be seen by a potential employer just because of the font. Make your resume as simple as possible! It is content that drives the digital age, not flashy visuals.

  • Be mindful of the ATS

The keywords you use in your resume are also an element that will play a role in how likely it is for the software to read it. It is important to check the posting before utilizing keywords in advice columns. Make sure that your resume includes X, Y, and Z if the ad specifies that you need experience with X, Y, and Z! You may spend more time on it, but sending out a resume that a computer rejects isn’t a good value for your time either.

  • Pay attention on your accomplishments

Whether you are applying for a position as a nurse or as a sales manager, we are all familiar with your job description.  Your resume won’t stand out if it lists only nursing or sales responsibilities. What makes you the perfect nurse? In light of the 200 sales managers applying for the job, what sets you apart? It’s your ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  Your resume should emphasize your accomplishments for the post you are applying for. 

  • Find out what the company is like during the interview

You have updated your resume, and it’s working. You will start having interview calls.  After a long period without looking for a job, you may feel differently about going on your first interview. In the first place, you might not expect there to be one person waiting for you, but a whole team of people. It’s common for companies to conduct team interviews instead of solo interviews.

In addition, how you fit in with a team is more important than how you do with one person. Work is a collaborative process, so why aren’t interviews the same? It may take a little while for you to adjust to this. However, don’t forget that no matter how much you want and need this job, if you cannot connect with the interview team, are you truly interested in the job?

  • Be patient after your interview round

Be patient once you are done with the interview round. Companies may or may not call you. There may be more rounds if they call you back. It may take time to reach the final round or to get finally shortlisted for the job. You need to be patient for results.

  • Keep an open mind

In the current economy, it is hard for job seeker to get a job. There is a general decrease in salaries, and more part-time or freelance jobs are coming in. You may be working with a team now and don’t have the same title as you used to. Think of this opportunity instead of seeing it as a negative. Perhaps you enjoy sales, but have always wanted to do some consulting. Although you may have to work harder than usual, you can also take on new opportunities. New skill sets and connections come with new things.

  • Keep it all in perspective

This also means that the market will be even more competitive. You don’t ever know when you’ll be taking the same job interview as another candidate. Perhaps you believe you are one of five to be interviewed, only to discover that they are interviewing 100 applicants – out of 500. Again, don’t lose sight of the fact that you might still have a chance at a job since the candidate they selected left their previous position for the new one.

  •  Nothing is Personal

In conclusion, it is extremely important to know that it is not personal. Discouragement is very hard to avoid. Many interviews and resumes may have been sent out, but you have yet to hear back. Families and friends will refer to the right job as “coming along,” but it is hard to believe it sometimes. The truth is that you are not alone, and it just takes one. Remember that every rejection is just not the right fit for you. Every rejected application or interview should be noted down – keep it in a tally.

It’s harder than it seems at first, but this advice is paramount as sometimes, we are left with no option but to fight. Take some time off from the search if it becomes hopeless so that you can do something that makes you happy. Once you’ve dusted yourself off, go out and try again. You can also refer a friend and earn money online by job referrals. Invite anyone to apply for jobs and you’ll earn a referral fee that helps you to grow your side income!

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