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How To Spend Your Leftover Digital Marketing Budget

1) Generate High Content Value

You can generate more qualified leads by investing your budget in high-value content. Examples of high-value content include Ebooks, infographics, and white pages.

With every new audience, your content reaches, it drives traffic to your site, raises brand awareness, increases sales, and increases brand awareness. Not bad for one-time investment from leftover marketing budgets. Research shows consumers who are retargeted through digital channels are 70% more likely to convert than those who are not.

2) Explore New Digital Marketing Channels 

Consider exploring digital marketing channels and tactics that you have not yet deployed. Companies are moving from branding to lead generation with social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram greatly assist in creating brand awareness, nurturing potential customers, and establishing your voice within the industry.

Furthermore, you may choose retargeting, an online marketing strategy that requires you to place the tracking pixel on your website, followed by an ad on another website, which results in persuading them to come back again.

3) Produce Rich Media Content

Videos are important media content that should be incorporated into your marketing plan. According to research statistics, 96% of B2B companies use video in their marketing campaigns, of which 73% report increased ROI.

The stat above shows a rather impressive amount of conversions, and adding a product video to your landing page can further boost your conversion rate by 80%.

4) Data And Google Analytics 

The best place to begin maximizing your digital marketing strategy is by hiring an analytics expert for your website. A marketing expert will also analyze your website traffic and tell you if you are generating revenue from the right marketing sources, and will provide a 360-degree customer attribution. In Google Analytics, there are several core components such as traffic channels, user behavior, site content, and audience demographics.

Users should also take advantage of Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics for better tracking and analysis. This enables them to easily deploy tracking codes, allowing Google Analytics to maintain a record of user information.

There are many email harvester tools that have become very useful in recent times. Services like GetEmail.io have made it easy for businesses to gather emails from potential consumers and clients. The tool finds the email address of anyone by using the first name, the last name, and the domain name of their company.

5) Digital Marketing Audits 

Getting to the top of the online marketing game is quite a daunting task as you have to invest your time and unique strategies to gain this position.

The first step is to assess your current digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing audit is an assessment of your company’s digital presence designed to identify gaps and improve your online efforts.

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