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5 Tips to build a killer Email Marketing list and grow your Business

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To make the best use of email marketing you first need to have an email list. After that, you need to have a website or a landing page. Make sure you make signing up easy by adding a signup button or link on the homepage of the subscribe forms on your website. Then you must choose an email marketing service. Other services that can be used are email appending services, email data validation services to help you gather the correct data for the list. Once you have got all of that you need great content, offers, etc. to benefit from email marketing. Here is a list of tips and techniques to create a list and boost your sales and grow your business.

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Strong email content

To attract people, you need to create remarkable email content. The content should be different and every email campaign sent should not be promotional. The recipients should be interested in gaining some valuable information from the mail which will be helpful for them shortly. Make sure to add a visually clear call to action (CTA) in every email campaign to encourage more sales for the business. Different types of emails that can be sent are as under:

  1. Event-based email: Host an event at your business place and invite the customers of your city through mails. The event may be an educational seminar, offer based or demonstration of new products of your company.
  2. Product or Service Information based: Send bulk emails at once and let the customers know about your service and product information. You can also highlight the updated features to attract them about old as well as new products and services of your business.
  3. Emails containing newsletter: Send email newsletters comprising of all kinds of information of the business along with promotional material. You can also provide hyperlinks to your business blog, online shop and social media platforms.
  4. Promotion based email: Let the world know about upcoming sales or special deals of the business. You can also offer coupons and free shipping services to boost CTR and revenue.

Promote offers through social networking sites

socialmedia report

In the present scenario, social media marketing is mandatory to keep up your business. Social media provides a platform for both customers and businesses for interaction. It is a potential goldmine of new customers. Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can be intimidating and queries can be generated by both parties. However, certain points should be kept in mind for effective business advertisement on social networks:

  1. Choosing an apt platform: Since the count of social networking sites is increasing every day, sharing the content on the right platform is vital for the success of the business. You need to create accounts on the platforms that your target audiences use the maximum. This will help you set up the links faster. The choice of the platform also depends on the nature of the products of your business.
  2. Encourage involvement: To promote business, interaction and engagement of customers are required. Host content that people like to read and ask queries. Researching the target audience can help figure out their likings and areas of interest.
  3. Share visual content: Sharing videos attract more audience and help convey the ideas and features of your business more efficiently. Visual content stands out as people scroll through their feeds. Create interesting and narrative videos to get the best reviews from the people. You can also use Pinterest to promote gated visual content.
  4. Build a community: Filter viewers who are loyal, engaged and interested in the business. They are more likely to repost content, like posts and become customers.
  5. Add branded hashtags: Use your bio space and hashtags to promote location-specific accounts and add hashtags. Hashtags can be standard or customized ones for your business.

Prioritize your email list

Segmentation of email lists should be done to send out blast emails group wise. Consumers demand more personalized emails therefore, it is required that you segment your mailing list. To increase productivity, categorize the list and make groups in such a way that campaign emails should target those accounts that have recently made a purchase or opened an email account and are new subscribers. Also, do not make every email promotional as this does not fulfil the purpose of segregation. Segregation also helps boost your click-through rates. According to some studies, it is found that welcome emails generate 320 per cent more revenue as compared to promotional emails.

Create a blog

blog ideas

A web-blog serves as an online journal or information based website for your business. Creating a blog not only provides online exposure but also builds brand awareness and establishes trust within the target market. Some benefits of creating a blog include:

  1.     Boosting Search Engine Optimization

It helps you increase your rank on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It also allows you to gather subscribers. You can also upgrade information to more actionable email campaigns over time. This inexpensive and effective tool enables you to insert relevant keywords that consumers use to search the types of services or products offered by the business.

  1.     Opportunity to share business links

This is yet another benefit of blogging as it allows others to share a link to your blog. This aids exponential growth of business with multiple sharing platforms. Visitors can tweet or share a direct link to the blog. One can also email the blog to a friend.

  1.     Develop and strengthen relationships

A blog helps you develop and enhance relationships with new and existing customers differently and interactively. It also helps build trust with the target audience. A comment section below the blog content allows people to write reviews about the product and services. This also helps you follow the visitors’ posts and respond to their comments directly.

  1.     Connect people to your brand

A critical part of marketing is brand awareness. A blog post will allow you to engage with existing and potential customers easily and effectively which is not possible through other outbound marketing techniques. It also gives you a chance to show interact with your customers in a more personal manner. A blog post may contain the vision, standards that your company stands for. It may also include the culture and ethics that are followed in your business,

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Ask for feedback and customer reviews

customer feedback

It is critical for your customers as well as your business to take feedback from people. You can always improve your services or products from the feedback you get from the customers. Also, people love to offer advice, feedback and criticize the information that interests them. Youngsters also have a strong preference for businesses that are keen to listen to their reviews and work on them over those who don’t. You should have a form on certain sections of your website that asks visitors about any questions they may have about the products, services, etc. You can also add a live chat tool that facilitates interaction between visitors and your employees. This can also help you get the email addresses from people who have stayed on your website for a considerable amount of time. Thus asking for reviews or feedback gives a big boost to traffic on your website and also to your sales.

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