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Using YouTube Marketing for Service-Based Businesses – Getting Started

Being in the service businesses field, one is always thinking about how to promote services in front of as many potential customers as possible, all without breaking the bank and going out of budget. It is surely made easier with social media. Social media has given people a free platform to show talent, market their products/services, and gain new customers with a little hard work.

Besides using social media for entertainment, you can always use it for your benefit—especially YouTube. Let’s talk about it. We all sometimes spend hours watching how-to videos of new gadgets, make-up tutorials, and DIYs. Imagine you own an auto repair business, and a tech-savvy person interested in car repairs goes through your channel. He’ll find your channel interested, and there are high chances that he’ll subscribe to your channel too.

We all agree with the fact that YouTube has always been a source of really good and entertaining content. But now, it is a must-have for businesses too. Marketers all over the world build up YouTube marketing strategies to use it in their favor.

From the State of Inbound Report, it is amazing to know that nearly half of all marketers add YouTube to their marketing strategy. Also, with various researches, it is seen that one-third of the total time of the general public online is spent watching videos, and YouTube has more than a billion active users.

This social media platform is so huge and accessible to all, and it contains content in around 76 different languages. Woah! A big number, so why are you missing out on it?

Repair Shop Software

Being a constructive platform, YouTube marketing can be a profiting tool for service-based businesses too. So, if you’re a beginner and plan to launch your YouTube channel for business, let us tell you about the different types of promotional videos you can create to engage the right audience.


Types of marketing videos


First of all, note down your goals of making YouTube videos. After that, mention the problem you solve and find out the right time to upload your video.

It is important to create a mix of different videos if you are doing it for business purposes. Additionally, it’s worth trying other videos so you can understand which ones work best and which ones don’t.


Here are a few types of videos to get you started:


They are a trendy way of getting started. Why because it includes more helpful content and less promotional content to create and reach an audience. This format of content works best for both media posts and blog lists. For example, you can use images, infographics, etc., as media posts. If you have a business that offers repair services, write the title: “The ten most effective car maintenance tips to keep its condition 10/10.” When drafting a title, just remember that your content should be relevant to your audiences’ interests and your business niche.

Behind-the-scenes videos:

Don’t forget that people are watching your videos, and they must be interested in knowing some BTSs of your business. This type of video works best when you have a certain number of customers who regularly watch your videos. After all, YouTube is a social network. Think of your business more than just a product or a service. Try to humanize your brand of business to keep your audience engaged and connected.

How-to videos:

These videos are a life-saver for service-based businesses. Why? Because the content is made with the intention of providing value to the user. How-to videos are proven to perform very well in the service sector. Let’s say, for instance, if you run an auto repair business. You can help your audience on how to check their car’s engine health all by themselves. More and more people will be interested in this type of content because no one wants to spend their money if they can do it on their own. Create the content on different topics and find out what works best.


Now you have got a brief idea of what content should be there on your YouTube channel. Let us talk about how to create this content for your community. We’ll keep it as simple as we can. After all, it is about getting started.


How to Create Content on YouTube?

Creating YouTube videos with the purpose of conversion may sound daunting. But don’t worry. With the proper knowledge and a few guidelines, you can do it. We just need to ensure that we follow all the best practices so our videos get found by the people.


Find and Finalize Your Format

There is not any rule of thumb or the right format for creating videos that convert. But yes, keeping in mind your business tone, objectives, and values, will definitely force you to find out what kind of content you’ll post on your business channel. Certain styles work best for specific niches because they are the most relatable pieces for your audience. Below, we have a list to choose from and try to determine which format works best for your business.

  • Talking head
  • Interview videos
  • How-to videos
  • Ideas or tips
  • Product reviews
  • Explaining facts and myths in your niche

Take the example of a repair shop again. As it provides repair services to the people, find out what the majority likes. You can easily track this with your auto repair shop software that keeps the customers’ data. Fetch out the results for the most popular repairs and make a video out of it. Simple!


Creating and Publishing Videos

One best thing about YouTube videos is that everyone can do it. Literally everyone!

You don’t have to go to a producer, director, videographer, or anyone. All you need is a smartphone with a good camera and a few video editing skills. That’s all to create a PROFESSIONAL video. But make sure that your video is of good quality, has fewer errors, a good voice-over, and is clear to understand.

If you have to make videos in a crowd, make sure you have a microphone. Here’s another handy tip. For a better video, get a tripod stand to avoid hand movements, and continuous camera shakes.

Once you’ve shot the video, you can then use some essential video editing software to add titles, edit out the mistakes, or switch between different shots. Be mindful of the video length. In the beginning, try making short videos of about 3 to 4 minutes. After you get subscribers, add more detailed videos or ask the people in the comment section what they want to see next.


Right Keywords

The next thing is most important – finding the most relevant keywords to add to your video description. That’s why it is said that content is the king. It will make your video appear in the searches related to the phrase you add. If you are offering Audi repairs, add this keyword in your video title and description.

Don’t forget to add the most suitable keywords in your video title, description, and tags. Other than relevancy, you can also find trending and hot keyword lists that are most popular in your niche.

Pro-Tip: You can always research and check out videos from your competitors and use the exact keywords as they do. Trick!


Ready, Set, Action!

With more than a billion active users, YouTube is not just for entertainment purposes. A business can surely use it for generating traffic, getting leads, or creating brand awareness. Keep this fact in mind that video content is always more powerful. It can drive a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. Use YouTube for your service-based business and get the opportunity to promote content in a truly visual and engaging way.

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