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Hiring Remote Engineers in 2022: Alternatives to Turing and Toptal

Hiring remote engineers became a norm ever since the pandemic started. With more and more companies seeking teams of professional engineers and developers on a full-time basis, there is demand for new business models to match the diversity of businesses now part of the demand side. 

While alternatives to Toptal and Turing are major players in this area of tech, it is a good idea to assess all of your options before collaborating with any third-party business since high costs and poor tech support can often be problematic for many new (and old) businesses operating in fast paced markets that demand quick outputs. The following is a list of five companies that you can consider if you find yourself in need of a remote tech team.

Popular among startups and Fortune 500 companies, Gaper empowers businesses by helping them recruit vetted teams of remote engineers and developers through an AI-based platform that helps in making accurate matches between engineer and client companies.

The idea that sets it apart from other companies is the full-time nature of the teams. Where other platforms focus on individual developers, Gaper curates an entire team tailored for your business including business development and project management services if needed. This concept has pioneered the shift from traditional outsourcing to “cheap” countries that came at the cost of high turnover, no teamwork and poor quality of work. is focused towards being a mentorship platform for developers which also allows you to hire freelance developers backed up by a vetting process. 

Since its cost is similar to Totpal and Turing, it may be tricky for startups and small businesses to afford their resources especially if one wants to put together a team of engineers.

With a system of vetting and recruiting similar to Gaper’s, is also popular among startups. However, it is unclear how one recruits an entire team of full-time developers and engineers from the platform.

Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms need little introduction as Fiverr, Upwork, and others in their realm are household names for many. While there is a lot of room for negotiation and finding a developer at a drastically affordable rate, it is difficult to test freelancers and recruit them to your company’s team for a long-term basis. They are ideal for quick, short-term projects or products. 


With a focus on the African region, Andela is perhaps most similar to Gaper in terms of business model and services offered. Recruiting software engineers from various countries, they provide companies with teams of engineers as per their needs while leveraging the benefits of remote work and distributed teams. 

In conclusion, how you hire your tech team depends on the objectives and goals of your organization. And during a time where it is important, more than ever, to be flexible and agile, it is vital that you consider all of your options before forming a business relationship with a third-party. Tech teams can make or break a firm in this day and age – choose yours wisely.

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