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Your ultimate guide to guest posting.

Is this a guest article about guest posting? This is so Meta. This post will hopefully not be a tear in universe fabric.

Utilizing other people’s audiences is one of your easiest and most efficient ways to be found online. It could be by them emailing their subscribers about you, writing a post on your blog about you, and, as with this article, by allowing you to guest post on their blog.

I’m a huge fan and advocate of guest posting. I can see that almost 90% of the traffic I received was generated by guest posts on different blogs.

Let’s get to the point: Guest posting is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

How should you write?

Make sure you take the time to read through all of the blogs that you are interested to post on. What are your most-requested topics? What topics are most popular? Is it possible to cover topics that aren’t covered but still pertinent to the audience? 

It’s worth taking the time to browse these blogs in order to start to build a list for topics to write about. Even better, you can email the blog owners to ask them if they have any ideas on a particular topic. 

I will basically make a list and receive feedback from the blog owners via email. Then I will start writing.

Also, it is worth noting that the more you interact and communicate with the blogger for whom you are Guest Posting Service, the more likely it will be, for him to approve your post when he sees it.

As in all business relationships, it is important to make friends first. Don’t approach bloggers thinking that you can do it all. Ask them how you can help them, and you’ll get better results.

In the end, you will have better chances of getting a guest posts service up if you get in touch with more bloggers.

Do not be boring:

Use your personality to write. Use your dry senses. This is the key to letting your personality shine through your writing. If you write is dull and similar to other people’s writing, your blog post won’t be as memorable.

Read and respond to reader comments:

when your post gets a lot comments or questions, please respond! Interacting directly with your readers not only builds rapport, but it also helps the blog owner to appreciate you being there to assist beyond the writing of the post. The better your experience with readers is, the better you’ll be off them (and more likely that you’ll be able do future blog posts).

Come up with a memorable headline for your blog post:

the headlines make the difference in how many people see your blog post. Spend some time thinking about use quora/yahoo answers to help you write: search yahoo answers or quora for the most popular questions regarding the topic you want to write about. These questions can be integrated into your blog post, or you can answer them.

Be persistent:

Edison failed after one attempt. Would we have lightbulbs today? You don’t have to accept your blog post on every blog. Keep writing good content and submit new content. It’s not a good idea to spam blogs owners. But persistence pays off.

Author: Siddhi Chothani

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