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Your Complete Guide to Legal IT Services

Does your law firm need legal IT services? If you are looking to focus more on your core business operations while ensuring that you have secure, functional, and well-supported technology, then hiring a legal IT service is the way to go.

The IT department is a key part of any legal business. Its uses vary, from keeping employee computers operational to keeping clients’ sensitive information safe.

The IT department also helps law firms organize their clients’ cases electronically. It also helps support remote workers.

Unfortunately, law firms have too much on their plate. Funding and supporting an in-house IT department can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Therefore, it’s more feasible for law firms to rely on third-party managed IT services.

So, what exactly are legal IT services, and how can they benefit your business? Read below to understand more:

What Are Legal IT Services?

Legal IT services involve applying technical and business expertise to help law firms and other legal organizations optimize, create, and manage their IT department. On a subscription or contractual basis, law firms can hire someone else to do different IT tasks for them.

Outsourcing IT services enables the organization to reduce the workload of their in-house IT department, meet the company’s demand, or replace the in-house team altogether. You can outsource legal IT services to a managed service provider.

Legal IT services take on a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities include

  • Managing the company’s IT infrastructure, both hardware and software
  • Remote monitoring of the systems
  • Configuring, managing, and monitoring cloud-based services
  • Communications support, such as telephone services
  • Preventing and handling cyber security incidents

Managed legal IT services ensure that your business is safe from cyber-attacks. You can rest easy knowing that your client’s sensitive data is well stored and protected.

Why You Need Legal IT Services

There are numerous reasons why you may need managed IT services. If you need help with your in-house IT team or want to outsource your whole IT department, here are some reasons why you need legal IT services:

Guaranteed High-tech Cyber Security

A data breach is one of the worst things that could happen to a law firm. According to research, the average cost of handling a successful data breach at a law firm is around $5 million. Unfortunately, the resulting reputational damage is even worse.

Clients entrust their lawyers with confidential information about their lives. Therefore, law firms are responsible for keeping this information safe to protect their clients. The last thing you want is to get hacked and have your client’s information exposed in a way that threatens their reputations.

For this reason, most people prefer outsourcing managed IT services to handle their cyber security. The team will handle new data breaches and install high-tech security mechanisms to assess and prevent potential cyber threats.

As a result, legal organizations are more likely to be technologically safe when they work with managed IT services.

Enjoy Great Stability

Did you know that even the tiniest tech glitch in an organization could bring down a major law firm? Technology plays one of the most essential roles in keeping law firms running smoothly. For this reason, most law firms highly value the stability of their IT infrastructure.

Things should always run smoothly, even in the event of software or hardware failure or a security breach. But how can you achieve such stability when everything is going wrong? This type of stability can only be offered by managed IT services.

The team of IT consultants will ensure that there is business continuity by preparing for any breaches in advance. Thanks to this preparation, the organization will recover quickly from a disaster event. This means that your systems won’t be unstable for too long, which will keep your business running without major problems.

Adopt and Deploy Cloud-Based Systems

There are numerous advantages to using cloud-based IT infrastructure to run your business. Cloud infrastructure helps you store business and client documents while also supporting remote working. It allows your lawyers and other employees to access the information they need from wherever they are.

Whether the lawyer is in court or out in the field doing some research, they will always have access to their client’s documents within minutes. Unfortunately, cloud infrastructure is very complicated to configure and install.

So, managed IT service providers come in handy when it comes to setting up and installing cloud infrastructure quickly.

Access to Dedicated IT Support

Legal IT services aren’t only essential for handling significant matters like cyber breaches; the team can also handle everyday minor technology problems. Lawyers face a lot of IT issues every day.

Your computer could fail, slow down, or start lagging. If this happens, you will need IT support services to help you fix it and get back to work.

Outsourced managed IT services will help lawyers in your firm resolve any issues they face with their hardware and software while working. The team is always available to offer them support. This increases the efficiency of your team and reduces downtime.

Data Protection Laws Compliance

Because lawyers must handle and store sensitive and confidential client data, numerous regulations and laws are in place to protect the client’s confidentiality. The government requires law firms to keep their systems up-to-date to comply with the applicable data laws.

Managed legal IT services help you stay compliant with data protection laws in your area. They ensure that their teams are updated on any changes in the regulations and take the necessary actions to protect their clients from legal action.

Follow this guide if you are looking for the right managed IT services for your law firm.

Are You Ready To Hire Legal IT Services?

Today, almost all law firms need outsourced legal IT services. Managed IT services help you focus more on your core operations and defend your clients while also ensuring that your organization is well secured and protected on the IT front. Please read our guide above to understand why you need managed IT services.

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