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Yoga Mudra – 6 Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

Yoga Mudra – 6 Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

In  Indian history, Mudras have been utilized for various purposes whether it is for spiritual practice or folk dance. Moreover, numerous Buddhist paintings depict the Buddha sitting in a meditative pose while holding different Mudras. These have also been found etched on various sculptures, and ancient paintings. That goes on to prove the mettle of this ancient technique and its ability in helping you connect with the more subtle parts of your being.

Yoga Mudras are hand gestures you make in the form of a symbol or routine during yoga practice. Also, the yoga mudra is associated with Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism which include many spiritual symbols and rituals. But, do you know this yogic technique also helps you lose weight by utilizing the energy from within your body? Before we proceed, let us first understand the link between Mudras and energy.

The Link Between Yoga Mudra And Energy

You might not know but yoga mudra carries with itself specific energies. These possess the qualities to represent what you want to achieve. Moreover, when combined with meditation this yogic technique helps you discover inner desires and unlock the hidden potential.

In other words, practicing the right yoga mudra during a yoga session helps you channelize these energies towards that goal.

Let us now understand the significance of doing yoga mudra.

The Significance Of Yoga Mudra

The Sanskrit word Mudra translates to gesture. Moreover, you should remember that yoga mudras are based on the principle of Ayurveda. Remember, a yoga mudra can include your entire body or just a single hand position.

These are done alongside different yoga breathing exercises which improve the flow of the sacred Prana energy in different parts of your body.

Do you know how yoga mudras work their magic when it comes to experiencing mental and physical relaxation? Read below to know short arc quad exercise.

How do Yoga Mudras work?

As per the yogic science of Ayurveda, diseases are a result of the imbalance in your body that occurs due to excess or lack of the five elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Ether. However, each of these elements has an important function within your body.

The fingers on your hand represent these five elements. The fingers are basically circuits and practicing helps adjust the flow of energy in them. This brings all the five elements back to their natural balance and helps with healing.

Let us check out what each finger of your hand represent;

  • Thumb – Fire element
  • Forefinger – Wind element
  • Middle Finger – Ether (Space) element
  • Ring Finger – Earth element
  • Little Finger – Water element

In the long run, practicing yoga mudras balances and redirects the internal energy which initiates a change in organs, glands, veins, and tendons. The generation of internal heat is how you lose weight by practicing yoga mudras.

For you to lose excess weight, you must practice the right yoga mudras.

Yoga Mudras To Lose Weight

Given below are six yoga mudras to help you lose those extra pounds.

1. Surya-Agni Mudra

Known as Agni Mudra, this yoga mudra represents the fire element. Practicing this mudra activates the fire energy in your body and restores balance to this element. The fire element in this mudra improves your digestion by improving metabolism in your body. Yoga experts recommend daily practice of this mudra to lose weight.

2. Linga Mudra

Known as Lord Shiva’s mudra, this is an effective yoga mudra that helps channel inner conflicts. This yoga mudra symbolizes the victory of positivity over negativity. Daily practice of the Linga Mudra activates the fire element in your body which then revitalizes all the organs.

Activation of the digestive system and flow of energy helps you in getting rid of any gut-related issues. Linga Mudra helps you lose weight by improving the metabolic system’s functioning. The heat your body generates during its practice obstructs the growth of a toxic substance known as Ama, the reason behind the accumulation of body fat.

3. Gyan Mudra

As the name suggests, this yoga mudra is known as the mudra of knowledge. It is a yoga mudra that you should practice alongside other and breathing exercises. This yoga mudra improves your concentration level and helps the body to function in a better way.

Gyan Mudra ensures your body receives adequate rest, which helps in the better functioning of the metabolic system and assists you in losing excess weight. Moreover, this yoga mudra also helps you get better sleep by initiating an improved sleep cycle in your body.

4. Prana Mudra

The word Prana refers to life, which means this is the mudra of life. Prana Mudra is superior as it represents the life force itself. Daily practice of Prana Mudra activates the root chakras in your body which ensures the unrestricted flow of energy in your body.

Moreover, if you combine Prana Mudra with yoga Pranayama exercises, this helps you lose excess weight.

5. Vaayan Mudra

As the name suggests, the Vaayan mudra is linked to the air element. Your body requires the air element to improve the functioning of different systems. This yoga mudra makes you self-aware and enters a higher state of consciousness. With control over your mind, losing weight becomes easier.

6. Kapha-Nashak Mudra

The human body consists of three temperaments namely Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. Each of these represents a specific element. Among these three, Kapha represents the fire element and too much of it leads to excess weight.

Kapha-Nashak Mudra aims to eliminate the excess Kapha element and restore balance among the other elements. This yoga mudra improves the functioning of your digestive system by working on metabolic activity through the generation of heat.


Yoga has many styles that require the use of mudras. The yoga mudra is a powerful technique to help you connect with the subtle side of your existence. However, for you to reap the full benefits of these including weight loss short arc quad exercise it is better if you practice these under the guidance of a highly experienced yoga teacher.

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