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Yo Whatsapp New Version Download

What is Yo WhatsApp and what does it bring?

Yo WhatsApp (Yo WA) is one of the modified versions of WhatsApp messaging app that is most downloaded and used by users of this instant messaging app. This mod incorporates a large number of exclusive new features not found in the original WhatsApp. Among the most recognized features we find new personalization features and also privacy improvements.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Yo WA is an antibody and therefore you cannot be banned from using it. This is a completely safe mod that is regularly updated with news and improvements. It is important to note that in addition to the functions mentioned above, it also includes all the standard functions and even the hidden functions of WhatsApp.

Where to download Yo WhatsApp?

The only site where you can download the original Yo WA with full guarantee is Touch Gamez. On other websites it is likely that you will also find references to Yo WhatsApp but they are not secure and many include fake versions of this app which you have to be very careful about.

yowhatsapp pc update

On the other hand, you should know that Yo WhatsApp IOS is also not available to download from the Google Play Store, so if you see an app with that name to download from the Google store, it’s 100% sure. wrong. application.

Added Anti-View Once option that allows unlimited viewing of images and videos at the same time.
Fixed a bug in sending more than 30 media files from the gallery.
Fixed 0 not showing on lock screen for some phones.
Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
How to download Yo WA latest version?
Yo WA has 3 different packages and sometimes 2 variants for each (with/without emoji changer). Each file is about 50 MB in size; and it doesn’t require installing all of them, just one is enough

How to install Yo WhatsApp?

Once we are clear about which version of Yo WA we are going to download, the installation becomes a small part. Click on the Yo WhatsApp APK file and wait for it to open. Then select the Install button to start the installation process. Install Yo WA app

Once it’s done, we can open Yo WA and start the mod configuration process. The Yo WhatsApp configuration process is exactly the same as that of the official WhatsApp app, so we won’t entertain ourselves anymore with it. Open Yo WhatsApp
How to update Yo WhatsApp to the latest version?
There is a big difference and a point against using Yo WA or any other WhatsApp mod. The application does not automatically update when there is a new one, need to follow the steps below to install it.

Check to make sure a new version is available in the settings of the app itself or through Touch Gamez.

  • If a new version is available, make a backup of your chats and files first.
  • Uninstall the version of YoWhatsApp you currently have installed.
  • Install the new version by following the steps outlined in this article.
  • How to hide online in Yo WA?
  • One of the most requested functions among all the ones available in Yo WA that you will not find in the
  • official version of WhatsApp, is being able to hide online status. Therefore, we go to Settings> Yo Mods>
  • Privacy and Security and activate Freeze one last time.

Hide Yo WhatsApp Online

After activating this option, it is necessary to restart the Yo WA application for the changes to take effect.

yowhatsapp pc download

Why can’t I install YoWhatsApp?
At first, there is no reason why you cannot install Yo WA on your mobile phone, regardless of model, but there are possible problems.

  • You may not have enabled the Sources / Unknown Origins option.
  • The Play Protect app may be causing interference.
  • Also, you are trying to install a version with the same package name on top of another version.
  • Even if you don’t give it the proper permissions.
  • Permissions of Yo WA

Check what the problem is and when it does, you can continue the installation without problems.

How to see who is online with Yo WhatsApp?

In Yo WhatsApp PC, we are automatically notified who is online with a pop-up message indicating this. Normally this option is enabled by default but we can activate/deactivate it. To do this we go to Settings> YoMods> Home screen and we will keep the option “Deactivate contact notifications” deactivated.

View online contact in YoWhatsApp

How is Yo WhatsApp?

Of course, for tastes there is color, but in my opinion, Yo WA simply seems to be the best mod that exists for WhatsApp for many reasons: for the options available, for the customization, for design and security.

Therefore, the opinions on this matter are completely positive and we recommend downloading and installing it to any fans or people interested in this world.

Yo WA is an application that acts as an alternative version of WhatsApp messenger. By using the app, users get some extra features that will change the way they interact with your messages.

With Yo WA on your device, you can access your messages through the app’s own interface, which is essentially a clone of the original WhatsApp app with some new features.

Among the features offered by Yo WA is the ability to view deleted messages in chats, add various custom themes and many new emojis that can be used in your messages. . But you should not worry about how to use Yo WA, as the most popular functions are accessed in exactly the same way as in the original messenger.

The app changes one of the limitations of WhatsApp messenger is being able to forward your messages to a larger number of users at once, by default messenger offers a very limited number of this option . Yo WA still allows you to watch videos forwarded from You tube without leaving the interface of the messaging app.

In addition to all the functions that you get using Yo WA, this app will change the look of your messenger making your interface fully customizable and very interesting. How about changing the way you interact with your messages and with your friends, with lots of features and security features that allow you to further customize WhatsApp’s usability?

Important: when using Yo WA, the official WhatsApp application stops accessing your account on the service.


Our Opinion on Yo WA
Privacy and Personalization
Following in the footsteps of other apps in the segment, Yo WA has tools that make the usage of Whats much more flexible, but in this sense the app is not much different from the other available options. Essentially, users now have access to more configuration options and security tools, which is useful for advanced Messenger users.

Whether for professional use or for more options when using a messaging app, Yo WA can be an interesting choice to add personality to your WhatsApp. Security tools are interesting, and the ability to send files in larger volumes can be very relevant in different situations.

Download Yo Whatsapp at :


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