Workplace Hygiene: How to Impress Your Clients

Did you know that about two-thirds of employees would like their workplace to have more elaborate cleaning practices? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are making workplace hygiene a top priority when it comes to choosing a job or where to do their business.

Would you like to know how you can use workplace hygiene to impress your clients and create a pleasant atmosphere in your workplace? Here are some ways that you can get started today.

Better Air Quality

Have you ever gone into the office and found it to be too stuffy? Worse, sometimes old heating and ventilation systems can cause smells that are downright unpleasant. This can affect work quality and employee productivity. escort

It may be time to upgrade your HVAC system. If your office has an outdated ventilation system, then it could save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills during times of hot and cold weather.

A top-of-the-line ventilation system can also prevent spreading viruses and diseases throughout the office. This is a great way to promote health and safety, especially in the era of coronavirus.

Bring in the Professionals

If you have a medical or dental office, it may be a better idea to hire a professional cleaning crew. This will help to make sure that everything is sterilized and cleaned properly in an environment that depends on workplace hygiene.

A dental office cleaning service will make sure that all of your equipment is sterilized between uses. Especially with seasonal sickness, viruses, and bacteria, you can expose your patients to harmful germs that get into open wounds.

Once you decide on a cleaning service, you should determine how often they need to visit your office. If you leave the cleaning to them, you can focus your attention on other matters, such as your patients or customers.

Promote Health and Safety

You should always leave visible reminders around your office space to emphasize employee health. For instance, if you have an office kitchen, make sure to have clear reminders of how to wash hands and dispose of dirty dishes in a communal space.

It is also a good idea to have cleaning guidelines for people who may want to clean up after themselves or others. Include single-use materials such as paper towels, disposable gloves, and disinfectant wipes to avoid spreading more germs than necessary.

You can even include your health and safety concerns on your website. When potential customers see how much you care about the well-being of your employees, they may want to work with you even more.

Employee Well Being

Employee well being goes farther than just making sure the office is kept clean and sanitized. A great way to impress your clients is by ensuring that your employees have plenty of healthy snacks to eat and other resources. escort bayan

Give your employees plenty of time off for sick leave or the option to work remotely if needed. This will show your clients that you care about keeping your office a safe space that is free of sickness as much as possible.

Employee well being will also create a pleasant atmosphere in your office space. Employees who feel cared about by management tend to go above and beyond in their everyday tasks. You may even feel the energy shift in your office as it changes into a more positive environment.

Maintain Your Bathroom

Although you may overlook it, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the office. Whether you have separate employee and guest bathrooms or a combined facility, you need to make sanitization of your bathrooms a priority.

If you have a cleaning service, ensure that they stock your bathrooms with high-quality products such as toilet paper and paper towels. It may cost a little bit more, but the transition can impress your clients and increase employee well being all around.

Attention to detail in your bathroom can go a long way. Rather than just making it like any other facility, try adding personal touches that your clients will love. Go above and beyond with scented soaps, menstruation products for the women’s bathroom, and spray-on deodorant.

Empty Your Trash Receptacles

Even if a room is completely clean, an overflowing trash can is never a good look. It can bring the mood of an area from pristine to messy in just a few seconds. bayan escort

If you want to encourage your employees to clean up more regularly, try implementing a recycling program. Make your recycling bins very obvious in kitchen areas and around the desks.

When you hire a janitorial company, make sure to specify when you want the trash taken out. You should not wait until the trash cans are full. This might create the impression that you do not care about cleanliness.

Regularly Clean Your Reception Area

The best way to impress your clients is by making your space welcoming the second that they walk in. If they see dust or dishevelment in your reception area, then they may think that your entire space is unhygienic.

If you offer refreshments, you should make sure that the area is clean, stocked, and well-maintained. Avoid empty coffee cups and try to go for disposables whenever possible.

A receptionist or front desk manager can take the time to clean the area during their workday. Doing small tasks throughout the week can help you avoid cleaning up huge messes in the future.

Implement Proper Workplace Hygiene Today

If you want to wow your clients, you should always make sure that you have workplace hygiene as a top priority. With these tips, you can keep your office in top shape and promote health and safety, as well as employee well being.

Want to learn about more ways that you can improve your business and keep clients? Check out our site for all of the tips and tricks you will need.

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