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Window AC vs. Split AC

While tremendous modern brands of AC units have recently emerged, window ACs remain relatively popular due to a few of the unique benefits they provide. People with limited space in their home or office have few options other than to install a Window Air Conditioner.

However, the use of electrical energy is also an important consideration. After all, an inefficient air conditioner can cause a significant increase in your energy bills.

Is A Window AC Energy-Efficient?

The short answer is that it depends. This is due to the fact that window air conditioning is neither less nor more energy efficient. In fact, it uses the same amount of energy as a split air conditioner.

However, the true distinction is determined by the air conditioning unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency ) rates air conditioning units from 1 to 5 stars based on their energy performance, which is essentially the EER, and there are window ACs that both manage to get a higher score but are ranked insufficiently by the BEE.

The voltage of your air conditioner is also an important consideration. However, if the voltage between two different ACs is the same, the EER will determine which of the two is more energy efficient. If we talk about efficiency, read Midea AC 1 and 1.5 ton models that can be the best choice!

In other words, rather than simply being a window AC, a lot depends on the specific model you want to buy. And, on that note, the models we’ve chosen for the best window ac in India are among the more energy-efficient options on the market.

How A Window AC Is Different – Split AC VS Window AC

That being said, a window air conditioner is not the same as a split air conditioner. The most significant distinction is that, whereas a split air conditioner has two components that comprise the a/c system (hence the name), a window air conditioner is a single unit. 

This is also a factor; for spaces with limited space, a window air conditioner is frequently preferred over a split air conditioner.

That is not to say that a window A/C is unbeatable. Not at all. A split A/C is usually much quieter than a window A/C, though a well-maintained window A/C will not bother you with its noise either. The following are some of the key distinctions between the window and split air conditioners.

Ease of Installation

Split A/Cs only need a 3′′ opening to connect IDU to ODU for piping to pass through, which hole is concealed behind IDU. 

As a result, the entire job is done beautifully, whereas, for window ACs, we need a larger opening than the A/C itself to fit the entire A/C into it in order to achieve the goal. Furthermore, if you continue to pay rent, you may be unable to persuade your landlord to do so. Things may be easier to explain in the case of split AC. Home appliance reviewers can suggest you the best method of installation.

The most significant benefit of having a Split A/C is that you can mount its IDU as much as you want within limits set by the company. There is nothing to be concerned about within those boundaries, which are peaceful and excellent.

Space Available

Window and split air conditioners are two different sizes, and we must consider whether we can install a window air conditioner or a split air conditioner in our home.

A split conditioner is split into two separate units, with the compressor and condenser housed in an outside unit (ODU– Outdoor Unit).

The interior system, on the other hand, has an evaporative component, which we can refer to as IDU (Indoor Unit). On the other hand, a window AC has all (compressor, condenser, growth valve, as well as all other components built) inside one cuboid system.

Hence, when it comes to space, a split air conditioner will technically take up more space than a window air conditioner; however, both have their place. We must examine the external device or the placement of the compressor device outside the residence.

People who live in apartments often have difficulty finding a large opening for the home window Air Conditioning, so they are forced to choose a Split A/C.


Aesthetics are important to a lot of people nowadays. Gone are those bad days when you could put any AC on a wall and risk ruining your interior decor. Split air conditioners have an advantage in this regard because they are more visually appealing than window air conditioners.


Customers must prioritize high-quality items over low-cost items. We want our air conditioning system to last for many years, so we make a one-time investment. If the product is more expensive, it is far superior to initially saving money by purchasing low-cost Air Conditioning.

Split air conditioners are typically more expensive than window air conditioners. Are you seeking a comfortably priced AC with amazing features? Read Reconnect AC Review to know what this brand offers you!

Capability Requirements

Because window A/C is a single unit, its size is symmetrical to its tonnage capacity. The larger the dimension, the greater the capacity. As a result, window Air Conditioners are only available with a maximum capacity of two bunches.

In the case of split A/Cs, the genuine work of cooling air is performed in the external unit (ODU), which can be of any size because it is installed outside. There is no tonnage limitation on those.

Please remember that if you have a larger area that needs to be cooled, and your tonnage requirements come out to be 3 tonnes, don’t buy one system of 3 tonnes; instead, get two units of 1.5 tonnes, or one two-ton and one one-ton AC. 

We are saying this because there have been times when you do not need to cool down the entire space; in those cases, you can turn on just one AC and save electricity. If one of your air conditioners failed, you’d still have another one running, ensuring that your workflow isn’t disrupted.

Window AC Energy Efficiency Guide

A Split AC (Sanyo Split ACs) is more appealing visually. Also, a window AC unit can be an eyesore– especially in spaces with modern design– but the former is also more difficult to install.

However, if you are willing to forego these two options if you find a more energy-efficient option, then take a look at the best inverter AC in India, as they are some of the most energy-efficient options you will ever find.

Elements To Consider

Whether or not a window air conditioner consumes more electricity is highly dependent on a variety of factors. However, a number of these factors are common to all types of ACs in general.

Heat Level of the Room

The amount of cooling needed to cool a room is proportional to the amount of heat produced in the space. And, even if you are not generating heat, everyone produces some heat that the AC system must deal with.

Again, the greater the number of people present in the space, the greater the amount of cooling required and the amount of electrical power consumed.

Size of the Room

This is obvious, but it is the most important factor. The more room there’s, the more electrical power your air conditioner will need to cool it. Purchasing a less powerful air conditioner for a large room will not only cause it to consume more electricity, but it may also damage parts such as the compressor because it would have to work more powerfully to cool the entire room.

Some of the best air conditioners in India not only keep large spaces cool with ease. However, they’re also “smart” to decrease their electricity consumption once the place is cooled and needs less cooling.

Variety Of Window

Even if the windows are closed, some amount of cooling will constantly escape through them. It will result in a more demanding condition for your air conditioning unit. A well-insulated window may prevent this to some extent, but this may not be the case in many Indian homes.

Traditional Lights VS LED Lights 

The type of lighting installed in the space is one of the lesser-known elements. Because LED lights emit far less heat than traditional lights such as halogen lights or incandescent bulbs, a space with LED lights will cool much faster than one with traditional lights.

This would have an impact on the amount of electrical energy required by your air conditioning system. Also read, best laptop guide.

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