Will Work From Home Be The Future

Since the time pandemic has started and companies have started giving their workers work from home option. Many have started feeling that this can be future ways in which offices would operate. There would be no tension of maintaining any network-related issues, ethernet bridge, hub, switches many of these terms would be used very less. Is work from home the new normal for all the big companies? Are there any benefits for both the employee and the employers if this thing tends to continues in future too. So in this article, we would focus on remote work and check at possibilities of this option being continued by the global business worldwide.

Benefits of Work From Home for the Employers

We cannot deny that there are some challenges when it comes to working from home option. But many of these obstacles have been removed due to software application and advancements in technology. So let us discuss some advantages from the perspective of an employer.

  • Efficient Communication

We need to thanks technology for the way people have been able to communicate with each other. Broadband has helped us provide better internet speed, resulting in very good communication from the company side to the employees. Many options are available for them to video chat or for doing online conferences. Such as Cisco Webex, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Goto meeting, RingCentral Video, and many other applications have cropped in the market since that time. 

Along with that, much other software, such as Wrike has been very helpful for the users to track projects, meeting deadlines, adhere to schedules, and other workflow processes. Keeping track of important files and communication has been very easy, leading to customer satisfaction as it has led to meeting the project deadlines within the time frame.

  • Rise In Productivity

There has been a significant rise in the productivity percentage since the time agents have started remote working. Managers are also not complaining about it has productivity percentage from the same number employees has gone up. The main reason is that the employees are psychologically more stable, they do not have the tension of getting up early to as they had to travel a distance to reach office. They can enjoy having a meal with their family members. That keeps them happy and calm. 

  • Increase In The Talent Pool

Companies can hire people from various locations as they would not confine themselves to a specific. Many companies had to hire native people only due to location issues. Due to remote work, it has become possible for hiring a talent who has the necessary qualifications, skillset, and attitude that is required for that post. 

  • Improvement In Employees Health

All the working professionals are able to have a nice work-life balance due to remote work. They can easily make a setup that suits their personal needs, they can wear what they like and dress in which they feel comfortable. Many of them are using advanced tech set up so which is backed by good music system for their entertainment. Some employees are using smartbyte,  so what is smartbyte, it helps giving priority to tasks and provides better bandwidth for video-related tasks. They can take short breaks which would be more beneficial for their health and they have home-cooked food. This is helping them to maintain their weight and avoid eating junk food from outside. 

What else a mother would want when she sees her child playing in front of her eyes and she is still doing her work. Remote work has come as a boon for working moms who were all the time worried about their child when they use to go to work. Working moms are now more relaxed mentally and physically.

Most of the bachelors have moved back to their native place, and staying with their parents and siblings is making them more emotionally strong. Speeding time with their old parents has been a blessing in disguise for them. Again bachelors are having freshly prepared home-cooked food which is again good for their health. 

Overall it is a win-win situation for the company as the employees are taking fewer leaves, employees are more healthy physically and mentally too. 

Employee Benefits

  • Accommodate Special Needs.

All the employees who are differently-abled are more comfortable working in their house. As they can make changes in their surroundings as per their needs. Daily traveling to the office has stopped which is a big relief for them.

Also for pregnant women working from an office is a blessing in disguise. They can make their work environment more lively and homely. Commuting to office has stopped which is a good relief for them. They can give more attention to their diet plan, join yoga classes which would help them to keep them active. 


  • Flexible Working Hours

There is no need for employees to log in at a specific time. If they have some kind of work during the morning time they can log in a little late, they need to keep their manager updated regarding this. Some companies are just allocating work, they want the work to be completed until the next day. They do not bother when the employee’s login be it night or day, they just want the work to be completed. Flexible working hours have proved very beneficial for the working parents, wherein they can work in different shifts so that they can take care of their child and also complete their personal work. 

Some of the employees get up early to complete their assigned tasks, while some of them stay back late at the night and complete their work. As each person has different productive hours, as long as the company is getting more productivity from the same employee without putting any extra effort. 


After reading this article, it seems that remote work is here to stay for a while till the pandemic ends. After looking at the benefits of remote work for both the employee and the employers looks like a good bargain. Companies are saving on rents, light bills, travel costs, food expenses, stationery materials. The pandemic situation is far from over still so it is better that employees stay at home which would be beneficial for them.

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