Will My All-On-4 Dental Implants look Unnatural?

All-On-4 Dental Implants

Recently, a finest alternative has been introduced in the dentistry for traditional removable denture. It is the All-on-4 teeth replacement which makes the dental patient crazy for its incredible benefits in for restoring their smile for the rest of their life.

Are you interested to know more about this dental solution? Then, continue reading this blog as it sums up every detail related to this dental solution.

What is an all-on-4?

The dental patients who deem for partial or full denture solution can opt for All-on-4 implants. It involves the implantation of titanium alloy or titanium! Mainly it acts as the whole prosthetic teeth arch to serve the patients needed dentures. Keep your eye on the next section to know how it actually performs!

Dental Implants

Dental implant is all about the placement of metallic small screws into your jaw bone for fulfilling the gaps of the missing tooth with the artificial one. It is the finest substitution of the missing tooth that fused to the jaw bone ensuring immobility and strength of the tooth for the rest of the life.

The implants usage has been extended by the researchers to observe if it is suitable to serve as the solution of permanent teeth for full replacements. As the name suggests, four implants have been used for implanting the prosthetic teeth arch for both upper and lower jaw.

If there is a need for more implants then you must consult with your dentists as the number of replacement will be attached to it additionally.


In general, teeth replacement mainly comprises of porcelain and acrylic. But this all-on-4 replacement is completely a new revolution in the world of prosthodontics! Digital scan and X-rays are performed on a prior not to use the images for engineering this denture or implant.

Even it is provided with the exact colour of your natural teeth so no difference can be made by anyone. A framework of titanium is developed by the technicians ensuring its proper attachment to the denture arch. Once it has been implanted into your jaw line its starts performing instantly.

Traditional Dentures vs. All-on-4 Implants

Most patients are in doubt regarding the huge popularity of all-on-4 dental implants over traditional denture. But there is no parallelism between these two on the basis of the following aspects:

  • Performance

Food restriction is quite common with traditional dentures and the patient are strictly advised to switch to softer foods, hence, simply they have to refrain from the consumption of popcorn, carrot, nut and many other foods which can be the guilt of displacement of denture.

By opting to all-on-4 dental implants you are free to satiate your taste bud with any food you want. As the implant is permanently anchored into the jaw bone there is no chance of displacement of prosthetic teeth.

  • Cost and Maintenance

When you are walking by having traditional dentures, you have to take extra care by cleaning it on a daily basis! Remove it regularly and use specific cleaning paste and solution to clean it! Progressively, your jaw bone continues to erode down as traditional denture can’t protect it!

The shape of your mouth and gum will degrade over the course of time and leads to ill-fitting of the traditional denture. Due to their displacement and disposition they will lead to significant gum damage in the long run! Relining of the teeth becomes utmost essential and hence replacement has to be done with your traditional dentures.

On the other hand, daily basic brushing and flossing is enough for cleaning the all-on-4 dental implants. It not only occupies the space of the missing teeth roots but also fused into the jaw bone to prevent it from further degradation.

You don’t need refitting or relining as it retains the shape of the gum and teeth perfectly. Even, there is no risk of gum damage as it never runs around or slips off from the mouth.

  • Appeal

Basically the dental technician put efforts painstakingly to produce the denture of prosthetic teeth arch with titanium implant. While doing so, they assure the accurate measurement and colour of the teeth to that of the natural one. Every missing tooth is replaced by the artificial one of perfect shape that fits into the hollow snugly.

Moreover, it acts as the shield for jaw bone and prevents it from further loss. So the probability of sunken-cheek-syndrome can be alleviated greatly and the patient can enjoy the normal activities again with full confidence.

Now if you still are in confusion that All-on-4 dental implants for tooth replacement look unnatural then you are absolutely wrong! Aside the permanent solution for your missing tooth it delivers naturally-appealing and performing teeth. There is no way to detect it as artificial unless you share it with anyone.

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