Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Tyre Marking?

One of the simplest ways to enhance your off-roading experience is to improve your vehicle’s suspension. One of the first (and easiest) things you can do is upgrade your Goodyear Tyres Derby. As with all modifications, it’s worth spending time researching what options are out there and ensuring that you make the right choice at the right price. But more than this, if you want to get the most out of any modification – whether it be a lift kit, new shocks, or a flashy paint job – it’s well worth figuring out exactly how to take full advantage of them.

Why Is Tyre Marking Beneficial?

To understand why tyre marking is so beneficial, we first need to look at the different types of terrain we usually encounter when driving off-road. Most terrains fall into one or more of three categories: rocks, loose dirt, and mud.

These surfaces require very different modifications to your tyres as they all behave very differently under various levels of stress. Each type of surface will cause the tyre to deform uniquely, directly affecting its ability to grip and provide traction on that particular surface.

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Let’s start with loose dirt as this is a widespread surface encountered on most trails due to its widespread use as a “primary” trail material by many clubs and organisations – even if it’s not always the “best” choice.

Loose dirt is an excellent material that will not behave like a solid surface and can be easily compressed by a tyre passing over it when dry.

This loose material will go into suspension within the tyre tread and reduce its ability to grip on more complex surfaces or even cause your vehicle to slide sideways down a hill (if driving up).

This leads us onto rocks which are perhaps one of the most well-understood types of terrain when it comes to modifying tyres for optimum results. All four-wheel drivers know that large lugs with chunky edges provide the best grip when travelling over rocky surfaces. But what exactly makes this type of pattern so compelling?

The answer: high points and sharp edges. These features interact with the complex, flat surface to create numerous points of contact which maximise grip and minimise slippage between tyre and rock.


While you shouldn’t encounter mud all that often on most trails, it’s certainly not impossible to come across wet or soft surfaces which will require special attention when off-road… so what does mud have in common with rocks?

The Answer is Compression

Mud can be very dense or highly soft. Still, both these types of material are compressible – the weight of your vehicle quickly squashes them until they either lose their rigidity or “bottom out” within their cavity (losing all their ability to provide grip). Compression also leads us onto another point worth mentioning about ideal tyre selection…

Cavity Depth

As compression causes materials to become dense, it’s vital that your tyres also have a sufficient cavity depth. This term simply refers to the physical “space” within your tyre which is available for material displacement when compressed – or in other words, the size of the gap between the outer surface of the Tyres and its internal beads.

The more space there is, the further down it can go before reaching either an edge (which could cut) or a curved wall which would cause it to climb upwards out of position.

Another way to think of this is about suspension travel: you will be able to compress your springs further without them bottoming out and losing their ability to absorb impacts by running into one of these two “obstacles” if your tyre has sufficient depth to its cavity.


Remember that just because you have a large lugged tyre doesn’t mean it will suit every surface. The lugs on any given tyre are typically designed for rugged, solid surfaces so while they might provide decent grip in mud or snow, the same lack of compression may lead to slippage instead… or at best drastically reduce your vehicle’s controllability which can be dangerous when navigating technical sections made up of loose dirt and rocks.

Sharp edges are another essential feature to consider when selecting tyres, but these need to be tempered with some common sense, too – you wouldn’t want the edges of your Tyres Derby poking through their protective sidewalls!

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Is Car Evaluation Important?

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Car evaluation lets us know about the exterior and interior aspects of your car. For instance-

Evaluating the Exterior of Your Car

We examine the exterior carefully for any noticeable damage and also the damage which might not be easily visible. While minor dents and scratches are acceptable, any significant damage could indicate that the vehicle has been involved in an accident and thus, it affects the pricing.

We evaluate the existence of repainted body pieces; repainted bumpers which are completely fine. The problem lies in repainted metal parts that could result in major car damage. Owners frequently paint pieces to hide oxidation or rusting of the base metal sheet, which is a major issue.

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