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Why You Should Hire React Native Developers to Build Your App?

Created by Facebook, React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework used to develop cross-platform mobile apps. React Native is all in one solution for you from native to cross-platform and from web-apps to hybrid apps. Are you planning to hire react native developers? Then is the best way to enhance your business. It will help you Optimize React Native App Performance.

1.You don’t require much developers for React Native applications:

An individual or a small team of react-native developers is enough for developing mobile apps because the JavaScript can function alongside the native code features, maintaining the front-end and back-end features without lowering performance. As we all know with other technologies, it required two separate code bases for iOS & Android, and knowing the programming languages was a necessity.

2.React Native developer hard skills 

Before going into pool you must have learn the rules so there are skills that every candidate should master for being a react native developer.

3.Cost Saving and Code Reuse 

Fun fact only with code reuse service react-native saves up to 40% of the total development cost. You do not have to write code in Swift for Java and C# for Windows. That means it works on multiple platforms. Overall, it is a Write Once and Use Everywhere Platform.

4.Excellent knowledge of JavaScript


Why You Should Hire React Native Developers to Build Your App?

The candidate must know how to build components? JavaScript is an important part of native and cross-platform mobile app and for understanding the flow of app logic and service.

5.Auto-linking for OS

Familiar React Native libraries lets you comprise native including the platform specific code. Code reuse is one of such benefit. Major headways are provided by the CLI team of react native for auto-linking and for that you can hire dedicated react native developers.

6.Knowledge of basic React assumptions

The candidate must be familiar with the concept of JSX, Virtual DOM, & component life-cycle, so checking the applicant’s understanding of these terms is a must.

Final Thoughts:

We all know JavaScript programming language can work across all platforms and easy to learn. React Native is opening doors for new developers to work creatively and build functional products. Hire dedicated react native developers who will provide you with the necessary technical talents and concurrently offer React Native mobile App Development Services on both the Android and iOS devices.

Hire React Native Developer

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