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Why you should get a building inspection in Adelaide before buying a new home

Building a new house is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. It should also be an exciting time for you as you prepare to start your new life. Between the initial design of your new house and the final handover, a lot can happen. For example, you may detect flaws in craftsmanship quality. 

This means that you could end up paying your builder in full and moving into your new home before discovering difficulties with the quality of the job. When this happens, getting the problems rectified can rapidly become a difficult scenario, both financially and emotionally.

That’s why you’ll want a completely qualified, competent, and independent building inspector on your side during the entire construction process. We can examine your new house at each stage of construction, in addition to doing a full pre-handover examination.

A slab examination, house frame inspection, lock-up inspection, and pre-paint inspection are all included in this process. Each of these stages is important and will almost always necessitate a payment to your builder. This means that any issues should be addressed as soon as possible before making any more payments.

When do we conduct a new building inspection in Adelaide?

Typically, an inspection is performed when your builder has completed a crucial step in the construction of your new house. When the wall and roof frames are finished, a home frame examination is performed. 

After your home has been plastered and the internal repairs have been finished, a pre-paint inspection will be performed.

When your new home’s external cladding or brickwork is finished, the lock-up inspection is completed. Furthermore, the roof covering and flashings, as well as all external doors and windows, should be fitted. The floor should be laid as well. 

Finally, when your house is ready to move into, the pre-handover inspection is performed, and a final check is made to verify everything is up to Australian standards before you make the final payment to your builder. 

We always utilize a thorough checklist. This assures that ALL faults, as well as any non-compliant issues, are identified at every stage of your new home construction. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. The contents of the checklist vary based on the type of house inspection being performed.

Why choose BPI Adelaide for build inspections? 

During the construction of your home, BPI Adelaide offers a package of 4 inspections. Pre-slab, wall/roof framing, waterproofing of moist areas, and handover are all areas that we inspect.

To meet specific demands, we can add or remove inspections. We collaborate with all parties involved to ensure that any construction concerns are quickly resolved and that the project moves forward successfully.

Reach out to the BPI Adelaide team via mail at the contact page or give us a call to book a new home building inspection in Adelaide today!

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