Why You Need Amazon PPC For Your Business?

Do you have an online store? Do you need a highly-converting selling platform for your company? Consider Amazon. Amazon has, in recent times has generated some amazing excitement in the field of marketing via digital channels, specifically PPC! Here’s why. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try Zonbase Photo Enhancer for Amazon sales.

The estimate is that over 197 million people around the world visit Amazon on their mobiles each month. 

For the sake of perspective, that’s more than the entire number of people in Russia! This is crazy.

In addition, Amazon is a goldmine of information about customer purchases that allows marketers to expand their targets across the entire buying funnel.

If you’re committed to boosting your sales, investing in one of the Amazon marketing strategies is an obvious choice. How do you accomplish this?

To comprehend how you can make use of Amazon to advertise on paid search, it is essential to become aware of Amazon’s platform and the various ads it can provide.

What Is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

Amazon Marketing Services are Amazon’s version is of PPC that was recently rebranded as Amazon Advertising Console. 

It’s a paid advertising platform that lets advertisers pay an amount to Amazon for each time people click on their advertisement.

It is compatible with three primary ads formats: Sponsored Products, Brand Sponsored Advertising, and Products Display Ads.

Utilizing Amazon Advertising Console Vendors and sellers can advertise their goods on

The targeted audience for these kinds of ads is at keywords and each advertisement is displayed in a different place on the page of results.

Benefits of AMS Advertisements:

The AMS ads are ideal when you wish to target customers with specific search terms or create many clicks. 

They’re particularly useful when you are trying to reach those who are in the middle of the buying funnel, which will be more inclined to purchase.

What Is The Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)?

Amazon Advertising Platform or AAP is a platform used by advertisers to create programmatic ads that allow brands to target their audience both on and off Amazon websites.

AAP utilizes the CPM or Cost-Per-Impression model in comparison with the PPC model that Amazon uses for its advertisements for search.

AAP allows advertisers to make use of Amazon’s powerful targeting system to connect with customers according to their past purchases as well as their recent intent to purchase and patterns of shopping.

The advertisements that fall under AAP are Desktop as well as Mobile Website Display Ads, Mobile Banner Ads, and Video Ads.

Brands may choose to work with Amazon’s team in-house to manage the ads or create the ads on their own.

The Benefits of AAP Advertisements:

AAP ads are great when you are looking to target your customers according to their history of purchases or intent, lifestyle, or buying habits. 

They are also great if you are looking to promote many different products and get some good traffic.

How Does Amazon PPC Works?

The process in PPC in Amazon can be explained by following six easy steps. If you were running a PPC campaign for yourself that’s the way you’d normally do it.

1: Begin by creating your own Amazon Listing Page.

The advertisement you design will take your visitors to a listing page, which is the point of entry. It is important to spend time creating a beautiful listing page. 

This is accomplished by writing a well-optimized title, writing precise descriptions, and focusing on search terms and other important keywords that are ranked.

2: You set the ACoS Targets:

ACoS, also known as Amazon Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is the measurement that measures the performance of your advertisement on Amazon.

You can set ACoS goals and then calculate the amount you can invest in ads. The tool known as Amazon Revenue Calculator is employed to achieve this.

When you’re done then you can either go to step 3 or 4.

3: You execute Auto-Campaigns:

Auto Campaigns are designed for people who aren’t familiar with Amazon advertisements. You can let Amazon automate the running of ads on your behalf, based on keywords that it believes are relevant.

4: You conduct Manual Campaigns:

Manual Campaigns are conducted by those who have previous experience advertising on Amazon. These campaigns are run to find keywords that you believe are relevant.

5: Analysis of the Search Term Report:

Then, you can look through for the Search Term Report to determine the terms that were searched by your customers to locate your product.

6: Optimize your campaigns:

In the final stage, you test and optimize your campaigns further to increase revenues. Adjust your bid, then repeat the steps from 1 through 5.

Check out SellerApp’s how to optimize amazon PPC campaigns blog to learn more about Amazon PPC optimization.

This way you test your advertisements and evaluate the results over a long time frame to ensure that they generate the highest amount of profits for your money.

Types Of Amazon PPC Ads

There are three kinds of formats available when it is Amazon PPC ads:

  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Product Display Ads

Sponsored Product Ads:

sponsored product ads are among the most popular types that ads are on Amazon which appear either at the highest or lowest of the SERPs on Amazon.

The reason they are so popular is that they are accessible to both third parties, and are simple to make.

They allow advertisers to market their products individually and can be set to either manual or automatic. They are either manual or automated targeted keywords, depending on the requirements of yours.

The items promoted by these kinds of advertisements on Amazon are branded with ‘Sponsored’ each product which makes them easy to distinguish from organic search results.

Sponsored Brand Ads:

Advertisements that are Sponsored Ads (previously known as the Headline Ads) (previously referred to as Search Ads) are another well-known kind of ad-driven by keywords that are displayed at the top of the results of a search.

Sponsored Brand Ads can be rented to various organizations, regular vendors booksellers, and sellers who are enrolled on Amazon Brand Registry

These are targeted at consumers with a high likelihood of being at the highest of the funnel and just beginning their buying journey (Great If you want to increase brand recognition.)

These headline banner advertisements have been proven to have the most CTR of all three. They can be personalized to three clickable items.

Product Display Ads:

Products Display ads are ads that target consumers according to their interests, not specific keywords. They can also be targeted for specific products and are displayed on the pages of product listings.

These ads are limited to Amazon sellers and display one image that directs users to purchase via the page.

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