Why Turkey Real Estate Market?

Why Turkey Real Estate Market?

Due to the recent enterprises in the last 20 years, Turkey real estate market has shined with the Bosphorus and natural view luxury residences and villa for sale in Istanbul. Besides, the attempts in the other central cities such as holiday homes for sale in Fethiye and Bursa property for sale in nature can vary your ideal real estate in Turkey. You can get the best consequences for your capital investments on a property. It is enough to contact with real estate agents in Istanbul/Turkey,

The real estate market consists of land, garden, shop, and other types but mostly related to a ‘’residential property’’. Because a residence is a vital material meeting your living space besides being a profitable investment.

Moreover, investing in a property for sale in Turkey is seen as one of the most profitable investment instruments for local people. The idea is based on two things: that one of them is to be willing to live in a better house. Within the renovation in residential areas, migration to these places have become unstoppable.

On the other hand, people who think of being property owners aim to purchase a house from highly rental yields. Thus, they plan to get a house returning in less than 20 years. The 20-years period is quite a profitable time for a rental market.

So, we can say that local people’s share at the market is as effective as foreign people. Both societies should be balanced exactly to have a strong market. Through this sought after balanced request, Turkey is featured as the most top real estate markets worldwide.

That’s why Turkey real estate market becomes one of the most dynamic markets due to the increasing need for the property. Great share of young people in the population, fast-growing population more than last 40 years with %1.5 per year and migration to the city centres are some of the top reasons. That’s why the market finds %4-5 (Gross National Product) share in the total economy.

For a Turkey where the country is one of the most top real estate sectors in Europe, the term ‘’location’’ is a common discourse accepted by all. Within a strategically perfect location found at the intersection of Europe and the Middle East and Middle Asia. Turkey offers great opportunities for investors and real estate developers by uniting a strong real estate market with commercial and industrial production. 81 million young population supports the wheel of them.

Statistics on Turkey Real Estate

Besides, the real estate market consists of nearly %8.4 GSP in the last ten years. On the side of investors, The total foreign investment in Istanbul real estate for sale – which is 4.6 billion USD – takes the biggest interest with %42.9. When we compare the total foreign investment to the country that is 10.8 USD, the market is the pearl of the ruling part among the other sectors.

On the other hand, urban transformation and mega projects affect investments, especially in Istanbul. Marmaray, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, Great Istanbul Tunnel with three storeys and Istanbul International Airport are great examples of megaprojects. The edge of the city also waits for another big project like Kanal Istanbul that is planned as the second Bosphorus.

The idea of urban transformation includes 7.5 million residences. The plan with a 400 billion USD budget is supported by the private sector.

According to Knight Frank Global Property Index, Turkey takes 6th place among 56 locations in annual price growth index. That’s why the country becomes one of the most valuable real estate markets. Turkey leaves countries behind such as Australia, India, and Latvia with %11.1 growth annually.

The total residence number sold out in the country reached 1.4 million in the Turkey real estate market in 2018. Within the law off to foreigners in 2012, foreign people also started highly to buy Istanbul property for sale in the country so that 22.234 properties were sold out to foreigners in 2017 while the market is seen as an attractive property investment by hundreds of thousands of foreign people nowadays. The most popular areas are respectively Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Yalova Turkey real estate.

When we analyze the statistics from a view of a foreigner, the country is not only featured with a residential investment, it is featured with land, commercial and summerhouse investment as well due to being found in strategic and geographical aspects such as;


  • Turkey is a developing country with its 81 million population (the only %65 is above 30 years old)
  • Turkey attracts investors with its metropoles such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir where the cities are highly populated and the international centers for commercial and cultural events.
  • Within the growing REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust Turkey) number that brings the best real estate companies in Turkey together, the innovations in the global market is followed by increasing standards of the market.
  • Turkey real estate prices is the first market that is going to be affected by low interests and inflation positively.


The Other Key Advantages of Turkish Real Estate

In addition to being a profitable and fertilized region, Turkey promises you Turkish citizenship by investment program. Hereby, you can get national statues. By applying for Turkish citizenship real estate investment, your spouse and children under 18 years old can also apply without additional investment in the country.

Of course, citizenship application is an asset. It is a preferable option for all.

It can be seen as a key advantage to solve your visa issues to many countries. Turkish passport provides you visa free travel to 115 countries including important points such as South Korea and Japan. Having the passport forever is another advantage of Turkey citizenship by real estate investment once you get the citizenship.

Besides, the other key advantage of Turkey is to make all processes remotely by a bank account. You can all handle the whole process from your hometown after sending a couple of documents by fast shipping. Title deed is going to reach you safely at the end. It can be a broker that you will choose among the list of real estate companies in Turkey. You can give the power of attorney and ask for them to follow all processes for you.


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