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Why the SuperRare Platform of NFT Art Is The Place for Digital Artists

Did you know that the Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most popular series of NFT tokens? Their highest selling creation boasted a price tag of over $635,000.

If you’re an ambitious artist, you might be wondering how you can get in on the ground floor when it comes to NFTs. That’s where the SuperRare platform comes in.

Are you wondering what it is? Keep reading to learn all about why the SuperRare platform for NFT art is the place for digital artists.

What is SuperRare?

Put in the simplest terms possible, SuperRare is one of the most popular NFT art platforms out there. Not only have they featured numerous digital artworks, but they’ve also paid out millions in royalties to creators.

The goal of the platform is to bring artists and art collectors together while also increasing the accessibility of artwork in general. Of course, SuperRare doesn’t just feature any NFTs. There’s a vetting process that ensures quality and more.

SuperRare has already grown by leaps and bounds when it first launched, yet there is still plenty more room for future growth. Are you ready to join the site and make fruitful connections? Be sure to click for more.

Independently-Run Galleries

Aside from a dedicated NFT store, the SuperRare platform will host several galleries that are independently run. Many people are excited about The Foundry, in particular. This gallery will be curated by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

If you join SuperRare in time, you’ll have an opportunity to view almost 15 different pieces of artwork by the renowned artist Kevin Abosch.

Yet another gallery is operated by The Museum of Crypto Art. The focus of their gallery will be on some of the earliest digital art available.

They Respect Copyrighted Material

There are plenty of venues within the NFT marketplace that don’t respect copyright and related regulations. However, SuperRare makes a point of taking copyright seriously. This is one reason why the platform has made a name for itself.

When you post your digital art on the platform, for instance, you don’t have to worry about cybercriminals who are itching to rip someone off. SuperRare allows you to authenticate your works, so there is no confusion about who created a piece of art and who didn’t.

Are You Ready to Show Off Your NFT Art?

Now that you’ve learned about why the SuperRare platform for NFT art is the place for digital artists, you can start making a name for yourself. More and more people will fall in love with your awesome creations. Be sure to let your artistic friends and family members know how they can join the community too.

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