Why Should You Use PrestaShop Marketplace Addon to Build Your Next eCommerce Site?

Since Prestashop is a practical and praiseworthy platform, congrats on choosing it. As an eCommerce advertiser, this is the right place for you if you’ve been thinking about making more money or growing your client base. The answer is an absolute yes!! To you, the idea of turning your business into an online marketplace makes sense. This is in addition to meeting all of the previously specified criteria. As a result, if you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume that it addresses the Prestashop Marketplace Addon developed by Knowband in some way.

This blog talks about the things you might have missed or not know about the Prestashop marketplace.

There is no limit to what you can do.

Converting your store falls to you. As a result, the power is in your hands. From who will sell on the market to which classes should be present, and much more. When it comes to sellers, the admin is in charge of approving or disapproving their requests and overseeing their activities.

You may also set the commission rate for the sellers, manage payout requests, and more.

It helps you earn more.

With a store, the revenue comes from the sales of the items. It’s surprising how much money can be made in a marketplace. A Prestashop Marketplace Plugin allows you to make money by:

The seller’s commission on each sale

The membership plans, or subscription fees, are also required to sell on the platform, and they are charged separately.

Owning your own business

Knowband’s Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace Module provides you with a variety of options to help you earn the most.

Your consumer base will grow as a result of this.

Customers prefer to shop when you have a large number of merchants on your platform, each with a unique selection of items. People spread the word about their products, which they then deliver to other consumers as well. Due to the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module’s help, the number of customers has increased.

Easy-to-understand management

There is a sleek, intuitive interface for admins. The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin allows you to keep track of the vendors, their transactions, their orders, their payout requests, and everything else from the back-end.

The key features of the Prestashop Marketplace Module for the Admin

The vendors are dealt with effectively

The Prestashop marketplace has a one-to-many admin-to-seller ratio. As a result, dealing with all of the vendors at once might be a challenge. Administrators require to monitor the actions of sellers. Hence, a great alternative would be the Prestashop Marketplace plugin from Knowband. It allows the administrator to easily manage the sellers and follow their actions. Each element of the seller’s life may is manageable by an administrator using a web-based interface. Handle the registrations, for example, manage orders, allocate categories, etc.

Reviewing and evaluating consumer feedback and ratings

Rating and reviewing the marketplace is crucial for your customers. It’s easy for your consumers to do so with the Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace Module! As a matter of fact, once the consumers have submitted their evaluations, the admin may monitor them from the module’s backend. If the review is worthy of being placed on the front, it will be. As a result of the reviews, your reputation among other consumers improves.

Management of commissions

Knowband’s Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Addon offers three income types. These include membership plans and product listing fees, among others. Administrators have complete control over commission rates for sellers.

Planned Membership Services

There are two different ways to make money with Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace. Because of this, the admin may easily create as many membership plans for the firm as he wishes. As long as the vendors sell on the site, they must pay the subscription fee.

The ability to keep an eye on everything

Some of the many things that the Prestashop Marketplace’s admin does include tracking, watching, and directing. Aside from that, the admin has the ability to monitor and track everything that takes place on the site. The reason for this is because he has complete control over the seller’s activity as well as the transactions. The admin may keep track of the following elements of the Prestashop Marketplace.

Key features of the Prestashop Marketplace for the Seller

A dashboard that is intelligent

After the admin accepts the registration form, each vendor has its own dashboard. A dashboard is a secure location for the vendor from which he may easily sell on the site. Indeed, it is from here that the seller may modify his profile, check orders, alter order status, and perform a variety of other things.

New delivery options and more categories have been added

I’m aware that delivery methods and categories are two separate parts of the seller’s characteristics. Although the seller may be allowed to do both after receiving the admin’s consent. This can only be done once the admin has approved both of these elements. Add more goods to the other categories.

Product Tab

The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin has a Vendors’ Product tab. In addition, it allows the sellers to add any sort of goods to the front-end of the website. There are additional options for adding information to your items, such as a description and photos. You can also add SEO-friendly Meta Descriptions to your products.

Transmitting Requests for Payout

Similarly, the Prestashop Multi-Seller Marketplace Addon has a Payout Request Tab. From this page, the seller may also send payout requests to the admin in order to get paid for the order balance. In addition, the seller has the option of determining the compensation amount and the reasons behind it. Moreover, he has the option of selecting any of the three payment schemes.

Import/Export of CSV/XML data

As it turned out, the merchants were ignoring the need to update their items. It is also possible to purchase a second module for mass uploading items. Prestashop Marketplace Module now supports CSV/XML Import/Export using the new form. As a result, merchants may submit items in large quantities and mixes. Further, merchants can save energy and time.


Taking your business forward is easy with the Prestashop Marketplace Addon from Knowband. There are a lot of things you can do with the Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module. We’d love to hear from you at if you’ve got questions.

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