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Why Should You Get a Home Warranty? Is It Worth It

Get a Home Warranty

The best home warranty is protection against domestic defects through developers. However, is this protection purchase worth it? Let’s find this out in this article. 

According to experts, you should purchase a warranty only when it is your money’s worth. In short, it applies that a coverage whose worth and guarantees are on the same boat. 

Therefore, it is best to understand the basics of a proper home warranty before you. 


What Is a Home Warranty?

Unlike house insurance, a home warranty covers defects in the home’s development. These issues range from defective washers and dryers to poorly-managed electrical wires. 

Here, the defects in the products from their craft are the risk-factors. 

Home insurance policies help utilize accidental compensation from fires, hurricanes, and such. On the other hand, home warranties cover defects in a house through the developers. There is a warranty period on many items you own, whether it’s a car or a gadget. What about houses, though? Home Warranty contracts promise that your house already has a warranty.

Not to forget, home warranties, unlike insurance coverage, is completely optional. 


What Can You Cover with a Home Warranty?

On a basic level, an affordable yet full coverage home warranty will cover the following:

  • Any issues of leakage with your pool or hose system
  • Leakage in glass windows or house’s ceiling/roof.
  • Faulty septic tanks
  • Open electrical systems that can be dangerous to all
  • Faulty geysers, washing machines, ovens, etc. 

While these are what the coverage provides for, by definition, the best home warranty can help you with more. 

Of course, it is best to go for a cover that helps you request coverage for only what you require. 

Common Issues to Remember while Purchasing Home Warranty


One sure thing to note before getting a warranty contract is that there shall be a few issues that might hinder the process. 

So, we have listed down a few points for you to make an informed decision. 

Here are some examples:

  • Some warranties can only fix any faulty product. They shall not be replacing it with a new one. 


  • At times, the claim amounts can be lower than what you might require. Hence, small out-of-pocket expenses are common. 


  • You shall have to pay for the visits, irrespective of any work done. 


  • The company-appointed contractor depends upon how much you have spent on the home warranty. 


  • While home warranties cover an array of fault-possible products, it excludes the most expensive ones. 


  • If the covered product has broken due to natural wear and tear, a claim can be rejected. This is as various heavier appliances come with user-guidelines for maintenance.

In conclusion, it is crucial to read all the documents carefully before confirming if a home-warranty outline can provide optimum protection.

At times, contract languages can be above any layman’s capabilities. Hence, it is important to take some professional help before you opt for a home warranty. 

Can the Homeowner Provide a Home Warranty?

Yes, it is possible. Various homeowners might offer you a house warranty alongside the property. One thing to remember would be to read the documents with complete attention, lest there are limitations. 

Some homeowners might purchase a low-cost warranty before offering the property, to attract homebuyers. Hence, there are possibilities of vast limitations. 

Why Should You Get a Home Warranty? Is It Worth It?

The best home warranty at the right coverage and price will provide you with optimum protection. These are service contracts that can cover defects in domestic products to protect your home. Hence, it is worthy of a purchase if you wish to think about the property’s resale value. After all, your home is your most valuable asset, and it is worth protecting.

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