Why Roku Overheating Message – Explained Steps

Roku overheating message is a warning that you might see on your television screen. If you are searching for this issue, then this is the troubleshooting guide for you. The overheating issue can be very dangerous for your device, TV, and also for your home.

So, you need to make sure that the streaming stick or any kind of Roku device is not heating up. The Roku overheating message can be fixed by unplugging the Roku stick and then let it cool down for a few minutes.

After that re-plug the stick back with your TV. Well for the long run, you can go with the extender. Let us now discuss the various steps that result in the Roku overheating and how you will be able to fix them step by step.

Roku Device Overheating Causes:

  • When you see that your device is placed close to your Smart Tv or the setup box, router, and various other electronic devices, then you can face this issue on your device.
  • When you are using the Roku device for longer periods of time and that too consistently without any break, then it is possible that you might face this issue.
  • If your Roku device is placed in the sunlight, then you might face this issue.
  • When you have placed your device in a closed box, then it can get heated up very fast.

Roku Overheating Message:

When your device is facing overheating, you will get a Roku overheating message. You see this message and the red light on the Roku device, this will confirm that you are facing the Roku overheating issue. When this is happening, then you are required to follow the troubleshooting steps.

You can easily unplug the cable of the stick in order to let the device cool for some time. Then after that, you need to change the location of the device. After that, you need to re-plug the stick when it is cool down or what you can do is use the extender in order to avoid the overheating issue.

Here are three ways through which you can confirm whether you are facing the issue of overheating or not. It is also very confusing whether it is normal heating or the devices are getting overheated.

You must also know that when you are using any device, you need to use it for some time otherwise you will face the overheating issue.

How can you confirm whether your device is overheating or not?

There are some points through which you can easily assume that overheating is troubling to your device or not. Just read the mentioned points and examine.

The red light on the device:

When you see that your I instrument is getting overheat, then there is a mechanism in the device which is in-built and will display the red light on most of the Roku devices. When you are seeing the red light without any stop, then this will mean that your device has become too hot.

On-screen message:

There are at times when the Roku device is going to get overheat, then there will be a message that will be display on the television. The warning message will be display on the screen which will mean that you need to take the necessary action.

Manual touch:

You can easily try and touch the device and figure out manually whether your device is overheat or not. Once you know that why your Roku device is being overheat, then you will know how to resolve the issue.

Follow the steps below in order to resolve the issue:

We feel glad to share solutions with you. Kindly obey the steps accurately, do not not skip any of the means expressed with you. Skipping underneath solutions will lead to the failure in resolving this problem on your own.

Unplug the device:

The first step which you need to follow is to cool down the overheating is by unplugging the power from the power supply. After you have unplugged the device, you need to let it cool down for at least 15-20 minutes.

Then see whether you are able to fix this issue or not. If you are not able to fix this issue, then follow the next step.

Change the location:

If you are not able to fix the issue, then you need to change the location of the device. You need to find a place where there is no heating source near the device. Make sure that you are not placing the device near the power supply.

Also, keep the distance from all the objects which are heat up and make sure that you do not keep them in the closed places or compartments.

Re-plug the device:

There is a fair chance the device has been cool off when you have unplug it or changed its location. After that, you need to connect it again with the power cord.

After that, you need to wait for the device again to start. Now see if you are still facing the Roku overheating issue or not. If you are still facing the Roku overheating issue, then it might be because there is some manufacturing issue or some other issue that is out of your hands.

Well, in that case, you need to get in touch with our experts. They will provide you with the best tips and tricks.

Important Points To Be Note:

Overheating can even cause huge harm to you, to not take risk with it there are some points that are necessary to be note and will surely help you to not face Roku overheating problem further:

  • Ensure to turn the Roku TV off while it is not in use.
  • Do not place your TV near the electronic devices. Maintain at least 2 to 3 feet gap in between them.
  • Do not place the streaming player in an enclosed area.
  • If the streaming player is direct to the sunlight then kindly change its location.

These points will surely be effective and useful to you to not get trouble in the Roku overheating situation.

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