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How to write a book which others read and recommend to others? This is the fundamental question people ask before even penning down their thoughts on a sheet of paper. This question is worth exploring and challenging as well. Before starting this blog, I must break this to you: there is not a single precise way to write a book.

Understand that writing is a creative endeavor that makes your words squeal on a piece of paper in excitement, in joy, in anger, frustration, laziness, and thousands of other emotions that can’t be structured or compartmentalize on a piece of paper or the screen, in case of a computer.

Writing is a subjective experience. One person may like what you have written, while the others may reject it, saying it lacks creativeness, originality, or it does not hit the core of the heart. To understand this basic idea, read about Stephen King, who many authors and publishers told that his work would never be of great importance. Or look into the life of J.K Rowling, who had to go through significant heartbreaks and rejections in her writing journey before she emerged as one of the most cherished and widely read authors.

It all depends on you—how you take your idea and formulate your thought that it represents the best of all. It also depends on how much trust you have in your story and how far you are willing to go to support your ideas and thoughts. The story you may write depends on your power of creation and the urge to finish it once you have started.

You may want to write a book that talks about conflicting and twisted childhood memory, which feels like a distant story of a faded dream but observing the trend, you may not want to express your views so openly. Be authentic in that case. When they write a book, every author begins their writing journey by being honest and believing in their powerful ideas to explain the world with a fresh perspective.

Why do we have to read about “write a book” when there is no right way? You can always learn from others’ experiences that align with your thoughts and ideas. You must explore the power of creativity and let your ideas flow freely without any restrictions and boundaries.

This is how you can write a book that speaks volumes to your readers and connect with them on a deeper level. Furthermore, there are always some dos and don’ts that you must be aware of in starting your writing journey because writing a book for a specific audience is different from writing for everyone.

To write a book, you must also be aware of the potholes of writing. One time you may feel like jumping and flowing with words and ideas that simultaneously pour onto the paper without you judging your thoughts. At other times you may dread the whole writing experience and fold yourself like a human ball, hiding behind the sofas or in the corner because of the fear of writing. When this happens, it is always the best option to read about writing a book that makes your readers your loyal fans.

Here are my two cents that always help me write fearlessly and encourage me to share basic ideas on writing a book: be courageous, and don’t judge your thoughts.  I also learned from Best Ghostwriting Services team that you have to throw away the crafty mask that hides your personality and makes you inauthentic when it comes to writing a book. Before anything else, you need to write a book with authenticity and believe in your ideas because when you are writing, it is only you and the page that is present in the moment. Sometimes it will stare at you blankly, and other times you will be staring at it with no thoughts or whatsoever.

Your empty page shows your reflection. Therefore, put the ideas and the thoughts to make sense of it and see your true self without any judgment. You are the one who spends hours and hours with your craft. Imagine if you are not truthful in the beginning, how dreadful it would be to spend days in lies and the mind’s deceptions.

To write a book, make sure you have the affinity to carry the book forward and finish what you have started. Once you lose your attention and focus, no drive will bring you back to finish your story.  Feel the moment and decide what it is that you genuinely want to share with the world. This may sound like obvious advice, but deep down, you have to realize its power and the capacity to move and inspire you and the readers.

Your decision will develop your interests further in your story, keeping you focused and grounded on the task. This decision will also enable you to stay motivated when you write a book. You must know that writing is full of self-doubts. Staying inspired is a contest. Therefore, plan ahead when you write a book.

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is that finishing your story is more important than anything else. Thereby, finish it according to the set time—an incomplete draft is not a book. People are interested in reading a finished story, no matter how bad it is written. There are always some people in your life or writing career who will support you and cherish you in your writing journey.

Wrap up:

Reading about how to write a book will ensure that you have taken the necessary notes to begin and complete your book. In this retrospect, Stephen King wrote a fantastic book, “On Writing,” which a compelling memoir is written that gives insights into his writing career starting from his childhood. Reading about others’ struggles and finding the solutions that help them find their style can prove to be a significant breakthrough for your writing career. You will not only have the motivation to pursue your dream to write a book, but you will also improve your writing style.

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