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Why having termite infestation at home is troublesome

Why would anyone like others to stay on their property? The same can be said about termites. The word termite is enough to strike fear in most people’s hearts. Especially the landlords of a property. In Vastu Shastra, termites are the bearers of destruction and bad omen. Nobody would like that, would they? As the termite infestation spreads, the results are quite heartbreaking. But what kind of damages do they cause that people fear them so much? And why should one get rid of these pests in the first sign of their presence?

Why is it necessary to bring in termite control services?

Some people don’t like involving pest control services as their first option and wait for the problem to solve themselves. But this can only increase your trouble. So, why pest control services are important?

Termite presence is a mystery

Scientists who have been studying termites will tell you not to be deceived by their size. These tiny creatures are a mysterious kind in all of god’s creation. The visibility of termites is minimal, and the same can be said about their hideouts, and other signs of their presence. As the termites are shy creatures, the creatures try to keep a low profile. This is what makes their detection so much harder. All you are left with is to go in defense mode.

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Until and unless you are aware of the signs of having them in your house, you won’t even know about their presence until it’s too late. One can easily mistake it with other conditions such as defective doors, housekeeping issues, poor property management, etc. Unlike other pests such as rats, ants, cockroaches, our termites don’t like to come into the limelight and do most of their work internally.

24×7 housework

In India, we have always associated great properties with pests. Whether it be ants, cockroaches, or rodents. They are known for their smartness, teamwork, smartness, and toughest survivors, who can withstand any kind of harsh condition. Termites are better known for their diligence. Tiny little pests are not just hard workers but they prove it by working more than 24×7 every day and night.

Termites are always busy with their work. It’s all about running back and forth to the colony bringing food, gnawing at the woodwork, sourcing, tracking, among other things. As they are tiny, these creatures tend to work more and for that, even 24×7 may seem very less for them.

All this diligent and non-stop hard work to provide food for their colony of soldiers and queens ensures the food supply system going without any halt. This ensures that the colony remains well-protected from any harm caused by the predators. Even their reproductive system works daily to keep adding to the termite population. This happens every day for all 24 hours non-stop.

When humans sleep or work, these tiny organisms are working all the time, which makes them dangerous in a certain way. Thus, one must take proper precautions by bringing in good pest management services to curb their growth. If left unchecked, this team has the power to bring down even a big palace.

Irreparable damage to furniture and house

Pests are mostly known for harming health by either food contamination or transmission of diseases. Whereas, when it comes to termites, their droppings may trigger allergies in few humans but mostly they are dangerous due to the damage caused to the house and its furnishing.

They can cause some serious damage and destructions to the place such as:

  • Mud tubes on the walls can turn it into a messy and unsightly view.
  • The cellulose and wood present in the foundation of the house are where termites like to feed off.
  • The windows and doors are left in an uncoordinated manner as they don’t function properly.
  • The paint on the wall or the wallpapers coming out in places. This can be due to termite infestation or water seepage.
  • Windows, doors, and other surfaces may give a feel of a “dusty surface”. It is due to the termite droppings.
  • Damaged ceilings can destroy the furniture and flooring too.
  • Wall structures are damaged and left cracked. This can cause alarm bells for the safety risks due to instability.
  • Hollowed walls or wooden structures as the termites eat it from within. You can knock on them and hear the cavity making a sound.
  • The floors will be puffed and swollen caused due to moisture or termite infestation.
  • The wood often comes out detached from the floorboards

Costly recovery and repair work

As termites move around the house, going from one structure to others, they disrupt their wake. It’s mainly because of their feeding activities, as they chew cellulose and wood 24×7. This can cause damage to things and can cost you a great investment.

Termites are known to leave your wood hollow and weak which can challenge the stability of the whole foundation. As the structures are inter-connected and look towards each other for stability, having termites can make things wobbly. As you can’t detect their presence, the infestation may leave everything shaken.

Bringing the setup to stand once again will cost you a great deal. Whether it is to recover the condition or repair works, everything is sure to cost you a great deal. The termite infestation is known to spread fast and wide. If there is carpentry work all over the place, then the termites can bring them down within a few months. The renovation, in that case, will be too much. So, if you find even a single sign of termite infestation in your place, be very sure to bring in a team of professionals without delay.

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Most DIYs don’t work on termite infestation

Most of us, who are reading this piece may have already tried several DIYs before feeling dejected. From essential oils to spices and orange oil, that can help with termite control may have left you with hopelessness. All these methods and solutions don’t bear any result and it is because the infestation in your house is grave and requires immediate attention from a professional. Trying any other ideas to curb the infestation may backfire or cause a deterrent effect but they may be less effective.

Looking at the problem, whatever DIYs you use, may only focus on the termites and thus, overlook other pests such as ants and cockroaches. The problem remains there as it is. As termites are well-hidden in the depths of the underground or within the structures, it can be difficult to find them and add termiticide to their system. With time, the thousands of termites work their way to expand their colony while the queen controls them.

If you can’t find them, you can’t treat them. So, exposing them to less targeted treatments can only make things worse or give less satisfactory results. As they work 24×7 to source their food, the infestation will only increase with time.

It’s difficult to differentiate between flying ants and termites

The truth is we hardly know anything about termites. After all, not all of us are biology students. With the same body structure and habits, one organism can be mistaken for others. You must have across some of them yourself without even noticing the difference. Some of the examples include rats and mice, mosquitoes and midges, or termites and white flying ants.

Pointing out the difference between the two can be very challenging. Their outlook, habitats, structure, and even body shape are vaguely similar. Both termites and flying ants find a hiding place in wooden structures where one feeds and the other one lives.

It is a common misconception among folks that termites and white flying ants are the same. the swarmers or the flying termites that appear after the rain, can be very dangerous as they are often taken for ants.  Leaving them unchecked can aggravate the problem. And using the wrong treatment for the termite will fail to give you any positive effects.

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To find the right treatment and distinguish the problem properly one must call professional exterminators in for inspection. They will scrutinize the situation and differentiate between the ants and termites. After a thorough inspection, they will draw the perfect strategy to deal with the infestation.


One must never underestimate the destruction termites can cause to a property. Delaying any kind of treatment can cause you a lot of loss and trouble in the future. Doing the termite infestation treatment may not cost you much if treated in the early stages of infestation. The cost of the infestation treatment may differ according to the extent of the infestation and things that need to be repaired and recovered.

You can consult a registered pest management company to help you with the right approach. Bring them in to inspect the area and they will tell you how you can get rid of the pest infestation without harming anyone around you. For further queries and doubts, it will be best to talk to pest control services in Ghaziabad.

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