Why Getting Your Car Serviced Is Important?

Buying your first car can be very happy for some people. The lights, the torque and its first appeal. But a lot of motorists are still unaware about maintaining it properly. Your precious car is like an investment you made for the long term that can provide you endless benefits starting from- safety while driving. For making your vehicle a profitable investment, it is important that you keep it at top of its maintenance schedule. Everyone would agree that you spend a lot of time in your car, whether it be going to work, running errands, meeting loved ones. Your car should be a safe space for you to travel around without any stress or problems associated with it.

Different parts of your vehicle like tyres, suspension, brakes, steering, and engine plays an important role and any of the part getting damaged can directly affect the working of your vehicle. This can too reduce the performance of your vehicle. Thus, combining all the conditions, getting a car service Redditch is necessary to improve the overall performance.

Before you go for getting your car serviced, you must know what type of service does it need. You must be able to inspect your vehicle by yourself to figure out what part needs to be replaced and what not? If you don’t have much knowledge then it’s okay, you can visit Cunningham’s Auto Care and Recovery garage. The facility will be able to provide you with exemplary service.

But for Your Knowledge, There Are Two Types of Services- Interim and Full Service

Interim Service- Services and repair that are done at short intervals and parts like the engine, plugs, filters, batteries, lights, and tyres are all covered by an interim service. all major fluids, such as braking fluid, screenwash, and coolant, as well as major components and components that wear out quickly, such as the engine, plugs, filters, battery, lights, and tyres.

Full Service- Every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, a complete service, also known as an ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Silver’ service, is normally advised. It’s great for drivers who only travel a few thousand miles each year and only have their car serviced once a year. In addition to those performed during an intermediate service, it covers a broader variety of checks and service replacement parts. A full service includes- Air conditioner system inspection, extensive brake inspection, air filter change, wheel bearing inspection, shock absorbers check, and electrical component check.

Not getting your car serviced can result in poor working conditions. A regular car service is a very important factor as it keeps your vehicle all pumped up by fixing the minor faults at the earliest. There are so many reasons as to why you should regularly inspect your car, either do it yourself or get it done at the garage. Just follow a regular service and repair schedule.

Why It Is Important to Get Your Car Serviced?

• Increased Safety- Maintaining your car routinely will improve your safety on the road. It will keep parts from breaking and causing bigger problems. However, if you take care of your automotive on a regular basis and check for any problems, you will avoid having to cope with a malfunctioning vehicle. By doing so, you will also enhance the quality and comfort while driving. These are two reasons why people invest in good quality tyres. Getting a proper repair is essential for improving the safety provided by your tyres and the vehicle.

• Cost-effective- You will avoid greater, more expensive problems if you maintain your car on a regular basis. It is a better option to pay a little amount for every service than paying a very huge amount for the replacement of different parts. Getting your car serviced regularly will ensure fixing the minor faults that could create bigger problems.

Keep Your car Performing the Best- A regular car inspection ensures that your car is void of any major issues, so you can get them fixed and avoid any significant ones as well. If there is no damage, the performance of your vehicle will not reduce. Your car will function better than it would if you were skipping on maintenance services, in addition to being safer. You should consider the benefits of improved tyre traction, more steady steering, and the more consistent engine starts.

Why Getting Your Car Serviced Is Important?

• If you don’t have time, that’s not a problem, you can call for mobile tyre servicing. You spend a lot of time in your car and it should be a safe space for you. So it is better to get the Car Service Redditch after driving every 12,000 miles. Because after this, your car will start losing its alignment, balance, and agility, and to bring your car back to basics, a proper inspection is important.

• Fuel-efficient- A better performing tyre or even engine will consume less energy and hence require less fuel consumption. If your car tyres are consuming less fuel, you will eventually save money on fuel. If you skip services, the poorly conditioned tyres will require more energy and take more fuel to work under pressure. This means you will have to fill your tank more frequently.

• Keeps Your Car Value High-  If you plan to sell your car, get it properly fixed and repaired as cars in good functionality are sold for more than cars in poor condition. It is by far the best and safest thing. It makes selling your car a bit easier. These services will not only make driving more enjoyable for you, but they will also help to maintain the worth of your car. If you take good care of your car, you will get more money when you sell it.

• Saves Your Time- Getting a car service regularly will save you from getting any major problems in your car and hence, will save your time and energy. You will not have to spend hours at the garage waiting for your car to get serviced. So choose the best Car Tyres Redditch for your vehicle and enjoy the excellent performance and grip.


Cunninghams Autocare has a proficient team of qualified MOT Redditch testers. You can easily book your slot on the website and get your car's annual inspection. The facility is authorized to provide you with valid certificates upon passing the exam. If any repairs are required, the auto-centre can take of that too.

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