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Why do you really need the Prestashop Gift Card Manager for your business?

For starters, you may already be familiar with the concept of a Gift Card. Furthermore, it is one of the most common strategies for recruiting new customers. In fact, purchases to your eCommerce firm are also possible. If you’ve been thinking about adding the Prestashop Gift Card Manager to your eCommerce store, you’ve come to the right place.

So, if you are still here, I am assuming that you are considering using the Prestashop gift card manager for your online store. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the moment. Furthermore, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll be aware of the specifics. Details? Yes, gift cards are very popular. As a result, there’s never been a better moment to invest in Knowband’s Prestashop gift module. For retail establishments and special assistance organizations, the Prestashop gift card is a very efficient marketing tool. More information about the advantages of gift cards available by the Prestashop send gift card addon is here in the blog.

Therefore, in this blog, let me put forth the striking benefits of the Prestashop send gift card addon. In fact, you can also look up to them as reasons to invest in the Prestashop addon by Knowband.

The process of installation is simple in Prestashop gift card

The Prestashop gift card Addon is simple to install and configure. In truth, the installation does not necessitate any special abilities on the part of the store administrator. By following the methods indicated in the User Manual, the operation may be completed quickly.

Figure out what the minimum and maximum quantities are

The store administrator can choose a base amount and a maximum amount for a gift card. Customers can also purchase a gift card within that limit using the Prestashop gift module.

Admin can produce any number of gift cards as he wishes

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager enables business administrators to create an infinite number of gift cards. The business administrator may create as many gift cards as he wants for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day using the Prestashop gift card vouchers plugin.

Choosing the delivery intervals

You may set the number of days between Gift Card deliveries in the Prestashop Gift Card module framework.

The PDF format is accessible in the most recent version of the Prestashop gift card management

The new form includes a basic but useful pdf for the gift card that will be generated.

Gift certificates contain a unique prefix code

The store administrator can use the Prestashop gift card manager to add an exclusive prefix code to the gift certificate.

You may change the status of your orders in Prestashop

Using the Prestashop gift module, the admin may change the order status for Gift Card orders. The Gift Card will be issued to the chosen beneficiary only once the order status has been changed to the indicated condition.

Gift card purchases may be easily trackable

The store administrator can easily track gift card purchases from the backend. He or she has access to order information, including order status, delivery date, and other information. Instead of posting the order data, you may use the Prestashop gift card system module.

To gift the gift card, customers must supply many specifics

For a gift card to go to the intended user, a customer must provide the amount. In addition, the giver’s and receiver’s names, as well as the latter’s email address when purchasing a gift card for a recipient.

Meaningful keywords should be available

They are mappable to any classification by including appropriate keywords in the Prestashop gift module design. Festivals, birthdays, baby showers, promotions, and more are good examples.

Images are now available to the gift cards – customers can add one

Allowing consumers to upload photographs to gift cards is another new feature in the Prestashop gift card module. In fact, you may make gift cards more personalized for customers this way.

Gift certificates have partial use functionality

The latest version of Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Card Manager allows you to utilize gift vouchers in part. Admin can create a new gift card item with a number and an expiration date.

Updates by email

Customers who select the ‘Print By Yourself’ option will receive regular updates from the store owner through email.

Revenue is on the rise

Admins may utilize the Prestashop gift card module to boost their Prestashop conversion rates.

Why choose Knowband for the Prestashop gift card Addon?

Knowband is a renowned name in the eCommerce industry. Moreover, has the expertise of more than a decade. The loyal clientele is proof that the company provides the best of eCommerce plugins. In fact, there are so many reasons to look up Knowband for the Prestashop gift module. Some of them include:

The applauding customer support

Knowband features a customer support team that is absolutely amazing. With the expertise in what they’re doing, every client recommends the support team. In fact, with timely problem solving, attention to detail, and other traits, customer support is commendable. Thus, this is the first reason. However, the thing to know here is – you get to enjoy 3 months of free customer support with the purchase of the plugin.

The ongoing offers and deals

Knowband ensures that every client feels appreciated when they shop at the store. Thus, the monthly sales and coupon codes come in really handy for the shoppers. The company right is offering every plugin on Knowband at a minimum of 20% discount. In fact, the Prestashop Gift Card Manager is also available at a 20% discount. Well, that’s not it. Furthermore, with the Coupon Code HNY22, you can get an additional 22% Off. What do you think about it?


Want to buy the Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband? Now is the time to start your new year with the plugin. Further, use the coupon code HNY22 now and get an additional 22% off. In case you have queries, let us know at support@knowband.com. If you want to know more about the Prestashop send gift card addon by Knowband, check out the website. Moreover, go through the User Manual for better understanding.

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