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Why Do You Need A Conveyancing Solicitor?

Conveyancing refers to the transfer of legal title from one person to another. The key conveyancing process aims to ensure that the purchaser obtains title to the property with all related rights and is aware of any restrictions before completing a purchase.

A licensed conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor may take care of the legal portion of the property transaction on your behalf. They are conveyancing experts and may draw on a wealth of expertise and knowledge to identify possible issues before they occur.

Queries About Conveyancing Solicitor You Might Had In The Past

What Difficulties May I Encounter If I Try To Do My Conveyancing?

Even conceivable, it is not advisable to do your conveyancing. Contrary to popular belief, conveyancing may be a very technical procedure that calls for legal competence.

Lack of experience might easily result in a poor agreement being reached between you and the attorneys for the opposing party, or it could expose you to legal action should you make a mistake. That’s where you can contact Key Conveyancing, a Conveyancing Solicitor expert for you.

Various searches are conducted as part of the conveyancing procedure. What are some of the most critical searches a conveyancer conducts?

You may learn more about the property you buy by conducting searches, which are inquiries made on your behalf to various agencies such as local councils, the Environment Agency, and water and coal authorities. In order to ensure that nothing will be discovered that would lower the value of the property, mortgage lenders also demand that searches be done.

The most popular queries are:

  • Local Search: This search will give you important details like whether the road leading to the property is adopted, information on relevant planning applications (approved or rejected), building control history, any enforcement actions, nearby road schemes, radon gas information, and restrictions on permitted development.
  • Drainage Search: This search identifies the location of the public water mains, if the property is linked to the mains for water and drainage, and whether the sewers are adopted. This investigation is crucial because it identifies any adjacent or within-the-border public sewers that could influence future construction or development.
  • Environmental Search: This search will locate hazards like landfills, possibly polluted sites, and threats, including flooding, subsidence, and landslides.

How soon after the purchase or sale should I get in touch with a conveyancer?

You should hire a lawyer as soon as you think about purchasing or selling a home. Before making an offer on the house or accepting an offer from someone else, you might begin your search for a lawyer.

This might facilitate a faster overall procedure. Simply because solicitors haven’t been adequately instructed might sometimes result in needless delays at the commencement of a transaction. Enlisting the services of your selected attorneys as soon as feasible is much preferable.


A competent conveyancing lawyer takes care of all the legal facets of your home purchase or sale, keeps you routinely informed, and maybe a significant source of support through what can be a very stressful process.

One of the most stressful periods in life is reportedly when you buy or sell a property since either side might back out before contracts are exchanged. There are sometimes unanticipated obstacles that cause delays. 

By keeping you informed and ensuring that you comprehend everything happening, Conveyancer Adelaide will lessen the overall stress of the procedure.


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