Why Custom Made Rugs/ Carpets are a blessing in Disguise?

When you don’t find Designs or Colors you want

Have you ever had such instances where you have this perfect design and vibe designed for a place in your mind but when you go out you don’t find things that can help you bring your designs to reality? It is one of the most heart-breaking things that can happen to anyone because when we are designing any space we like to add things that can make that space feel like our own. I experienced this when I found everything for my room except for a rug that could go with the whole design of the room, it was honestly very frustrating. I almost visited all the stores in the city to find it but I couldn’t. 

But then I was suggested to get custom made rugs/ carpets. I was a little skeptical about it because what if I don’t like it after it’s made or what if even that does not fit the vibe I wanted. I still gave it a try. We went to a dealer who said they customize the rug for us.

The process started with choosing the color and the material. I explained the ideas I had in my mind and the dealer gave better suggestions that elevated my ideas and the design. I also wanted a color that is not common but thankfully they had a material that felt amazing in the same color. They also gave us a rug pad attached to it. The end product did not disappoint. It was exactly what I wanted for my room. 

For Asymmetrical Spaces

Another instance where I got custom made rug/ carpet was when we had a room that was very oddly shaped. Rugs usually come in geometrical shapes and they don’t fit well in asymmetrical areas. We tried combining two-three rugs of the same color and design in different sizes but it didn’t look good. It ruined the look of the room. Getting the rug custom made was a brilliant decision. If you want a rug for a room that is a bit oddly shaped or to fill a small space getting a custom-made rug/ carpet is a great option.

If you have Allergies

Another instance where custom made rugs/ carpets help is if you are allergic to a particular material and want to get the rug made out of a material that does not activate your allergies. Dust allergy is very common so it is important to get a material that does not absorb a lot of dust or dirt.

Something I have learned from getting rugs customized is that you need to find an amazing dealer. Find someone who will deliver what has been promised. We have had a lot of instances where the dealer ended up making something opposite of what we wanted and what we were promised. Some people cheat when it comes to the material, so make sure you go to a place that is tried and tested by a lot of people.

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