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Why Concrete Patios Are Better Than Wood Decks

Are you happiest when you’re relaxing in your backyard? Are you looking for ways to improve the space and make it easier to use? If this is the case, you may want to think about building a patio or deck. One of the essential decisions is between a wooden deck and a concrete patio. Outdoor concrete patios are preferable to wood decks, even though the former has been popular for several years. Though, for a perfect Patio you will need to hire outdoor patio contractors to get the job done.

Westfield Patio Deck - Indy Decorative Concrete

Patios provide you more bang for your buck than other house areas.

Even while studies show that installing a patio increases the value of your property, the return on investment for decks is higher. A professionally installed concrete patio’s return on investment (ROI) is roughly 12 percent. Decks’ return on investment (ROI) is approximately 10% with the same expert installation. Most respondents feel that saving 2% is worth it, mainly because installing a patio is less expensive.

What is better ? Wood or composite Patio?

Thanks to the most recent advancements in hardscape capabilities, you may now choose a concrete patio in any style, size, or location. You can also add more distinctive characteristics to highlight your sense of fashion.
Wood Patio Contractors
A deck made of wood or composite materials tends to have a distinctive appearance. It’s possible to change the finish. However, the possibilities are low when dealing with wood. With the following points you will be able to make your choice.

Design Versatility

You can paint Wood Decks in almost any color you like and you can also change the colors every few years, if you want to. Moreover, you can also play with the patterns with the wooden deck boards, like chevron or herringbone designs. But the thing is, decks are often limited to rectangular or square shapes.

Where as concrete can be formed into pretty much any shape and size, allowing you to add different element into your outdoor design like a pool and attractive curved configurations. The biggest advantages of concrete is that it allows for more color options than wooden deck, although the color you choose will be permanent and you can’t change it that easily. Also, concrete can also be used to imitate other materials, like brick, stone, and even wood. You can also create geometric designs with concrete through the use of decorative engraving.

Patios built with concrete pavers allow you to have design versatility because they come in a wide range of shapes and colors, and can easily be laid in a variety of attractive patterns. As with stained or stamped concrete, the color will stay permanent, so choose wisely.

Low-Maintenance and Longevity

Although, both a concrete patio and a wood deck can increase the value of your property and increase the functionality of your outdoor space, they can also become a financial burden when it comes to maintenance. Your choice can have a huge impact on the time and money you will end up spending on its upkeep.

Although natural wood decks look beautiful, but they require the most maintenance, both for structural integrity and for aesthetics. Wood decking usually require power washing every one to two years. Moreover, they also require repairs because they easily get damaged and wear and tear.

A concrete patio frequently needs washing to maintain its like-new appearance. They may also require maintenance to keep the joints filled with sand. But unlike stained wood, concrete is unlikely to fade over time, so you don’t need to spend on restaining or painting.

It’s best to hire professional outdoor patio contractors who knows how to prepare the site. This will ensure the long-term viability of your patio. Even better, regular upkeep isn’t necessary. Patios may need resealing every few years, but decks require far more work and money in the long term. Concrete Patios can last for decades even if you have beautiful outdoor landscape with a lot of plants.


Wood is a pricey material to work with. It’s gorgeous, but you have to pay a premium to enjoy it. On the other hand, concrete patio is significantly less expensive. For this reason, the cost of concrete patios is less costly to put in than wooden ones. You could pay up to twice as much for a patio as a deck of the same size depending on where you live.


Wood decking is prone to warping, splintering, cracking, and rotting if it isn’t stained, sealed, or painted regularly. A major issue with wood decking is that the boards readily absorb water. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are completely moisture-resistant to the core, allowing them to be installed in high-moisture environments without rotting.


While all-wood decking will splinter over time, composite decking is made of tiny wood fibers encased in plastic. That’s why it will not splinter. This is especially important for barefoot walking on the deck and children and pets with sensitive feet.

Personal Preference

Whether you choose to build a concrete patio or a wood deck, your choice may ultimately go down to your personal preference, regardless of all the considerations we have discussed. If you love the look and feel of natural wood and have enough cash for extra maintenance involved in maintaining it, then a deck is the clear choice. If you want a almost to zero maintenance material that gives you unlimited options in colors, finishes and patterns, and can be formed into any shape or size, a concrete patio is hands down the best option.


Concrete patios have more advantages over wooden decks. Consider which type of wood decking you prefer to sort through the many options. After that, compare that to your favorite composite. As a result, rather than having to reach your top favorite ones. However, if you want or need to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis, you should go for the concrete patio . But in the end, it’s up to your personal preference. No matter which choice you make, be sure to work with professional outdoor patio contractors.

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