Why Choosing a Salesforce Customer Portal is Beneficial for Your Business?

Businesses have started providing all their functionalities online. Because more and more customers are preferring to purchase online. Businesses are often trying to know whether their customers are actually enjoying the online experience or not? If not, what can they do for their customers to make it better? One simple solution to this question is integrating a salesforce customer portal to your Salesforce CRM. Because CRM alone is not enough to allow businesses to infuse their own strategies and features. Additionally, with portals, businesses can come up with a centralized place where they can offer customers everything. Now let us dive-in to know how Salesforce portal will help businesses achieve all of that.

Improved Experience for Both: Business and Their Customers

By investing in salesforce customer portal, businesses can offer their customers all the services from placing the order to receiving feedback. The portals are fully customizable which means that businesses customize features as per their business strategy. This brings in two benefits. First, it makes it convenient for businesses to execute their own plans and strategies. Second, they can deliver a rich experience by improving engagement with the customers.

Salesforce collaborated with Slack to ensure all business operations are made online without affecting the quality of their work. Slack is the world’s most innovative communication platform and it unlocks an ocean of opportunities to improve engagement with your customers. Customers can collaborate, interact and carry out different business activities. This platform also offers cross departmental collaboration across all the channels to deliver the best customer experience, from sales to marketing. Thus, daily tasks are made more manageable and easier.

Optimize Workflow for Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector has a lot of data to maintain. Salesforce helps medical institutions and healthcare personnels to optimize their workflow. It helps in creating personalized journeys by managing patient’s details. To elevate their customers’ experience even more, Salesforce has made improvements in its health cloud and launched Health Cloud 2.0 that included vaccination management apart from other useful updates. Vaccination data, vaccine providers list and approvals, targeted communication with them, all these can be included in your portal. Thus, by choosing a Salesforce customer portal, you can take advantage of these features and streamline your healthcare operations.

Reduce Errors and Save Time With Automation

The automation in the process has made complex and diverse tasks simple and fast. It saves us from human errors like miscalculations and lost income that can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and delays in the query resolution as more and more data comes in. But to overcome such scenarios, Salesforce introduced Flow Orchestrator. It automates and optimizes individual tasks to avoid errors or any kind of delays within a few clicks rather than coding.

Generally, the customer experience is usually influenced by two aspects: Steps and Stages. And Salesforce helps you deliver it. Basically what it does is it will help you specify the process you want to use and then arrange it sequentially called steps. An employee will be assigned one step and all the information and alerts of the steps will be sent to them along with all the processes it requires.

So, all this will be automatically assigned, so that the employees do not have to waste time by manually doing it. Now, when all the steps are grouped together in a logical order then it and can be organized to perform even more complicated logic. And the collection of these activities is called stage. Thus, you can incorporate automation within the Salesforce portal with step and stage to save time and minimize errors.

AI Driven Processes

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made digital tools more efficient in analyzing data so that humans can work more quickly and avoid doing the same tasks again and again. Salesforce also provides benefits of AI and machine learning with its product called Einstein. The other collaboration that would allow businesses to harness analytics and intelligence using AI and ML is with Tableau. This enhances the Salesforce’s effectiveness in making corporate operations more efficient and streamlined. The data helps businesses with insights on what processes need attention and helps in taking such decisions accordingly.

Improved Management of Supply Chain

The most complex part for any business is to store and retrieve data across multiple entities at any given point of time. To do that companies use CRM systems. But sometimes when dealing with more critical data, any missed information can lead to product failure in cases where temperature controlled logistics are used by pharma companies.

Now, what blockchain technology does is that it helps to keep track of each and every data and transaction. It is used for asset tracking, confirming and validating products, credentialing, etc. Thus, combining a portal with blockchain data, businesses can make new schemes and models. Blockchain fixes issues by decreasing inconsistencies, streamlined processes and increased clarity of products while transferring supply chains.

This way, customers can easily track the product from origin to the destination. With a portal, you can also include features like role-based access to limit the access to authorized users.

Solutions for All

Salesforce is diverse. It is useful for financial institutions, media, manufacturing industry, retail sector, and many more. Salesforce has made its CRM so powerful that it is able to provide specialized and tailored solutions to any industry. They constantly keep upgrading the functionalities to make it more relevant to the industry. Other than that, as of now they already have a huge number of pre-installed applications, consultants, solutions available through Salesforce AppExchange to help businesses customize CRM to their specific sector.

Ace Your Marketing Strategy

You can market your product to the customers only if you know who is looking for a particular product or website. What is the point of sending customized content if you do not know your customer’s preference? This is when Salesforce’s marketing cloud comes handy. It provides functions like  multi-channel project execution, pre and post insights, customer’s journey, social media interactions, customer engagement, and data management. The cloud allows users to monitor customers’ interaction in real time, push notifications, organize emails, advertising and more.

Using Salesforce customer portal means you can market directly from your portal. You don’t need multiple tools to collect data from various sources and get valuable insights.

Fully Customizable

There is no such product that is adequate enough to fulfill requirements of all the businesses. Businesses have their own rules and regulations. They want a system that adopts their products’ functionality and design to meet all their needs. Salesforce exactly offers that. Its customization capabilities allow businesses to modify the portal as they want. It allows you to customize all the standard tabs, record categories, adding custom fields, page layouts, etc.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce has been an excellent CRM solution for all the industry as it is flexible enough to make third party integrations and allows customization to make it a perfect fit for your business. Salesforce has left no stone unturned by including AI driven processes and blockchain technology. Businesses can optimize their workflow and reduce human errors with automation.

This will save a lot of time for your employees to focus on more important tasks. Last but not the least its effective marketing strategy. The marketing cloud helps businesses to market the product to the right set of audience for businesses to make the most out of it. With Salesforce customer portal, you can engage, market, and grow exponentially.

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Maulik Shah

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