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Who is a Graphics designer?

Every designer gets to the “I do the same thing” stage in their lives. This is the same for both digital and graphic design.

How not to lose faith in yourself and continue to love what you do?

Design vs. Dribbble

Both digital and graphics design firm help the brand to speak to the customer. But they use different channels for this. In graphic design, this is printing. In digital, these are websites, applications, web services, instant messengers, video, and e-mail.

What place does the designer take among this, and how not lose focus?

It seems the answer is obvious. Just open Dribbble, Pinterest or Awwwards. Here they are, wonderful references and the best examples of trends in digital. But this is also the main mistake – creating the design as an artifact. Dribbling.

This begs the question: what kind of designer do you need to be to avoid this fate?

Creator designer

He creates content and tells a story.

First, design is not design but designing and creating content. The basis for this is the idea. Therefore, the designer must work on the project together with the copywriter.

The main tool of a designer today is not a grid and a font but a story.

The Wild Path website is a vivid example of the successful implementation of an idea into a design. The designer came up with a way to tell about a trip to Iceland and directed all the elements of the site to this. The map interactively shows the route; photos are highlighted and point to certain geographical places.

Could a copywriter or manager come up with this? Could, but then the designer would have turned into a designer.

The site’s mechanics, graphics and animation are built around the idea of ​​showing the program’s timeline as a ring of a cut tree.

We have implemented the concept on the site, where the plot of the main screen changes depending on the user’s actions.

Designer Guide

It creates experience and emotion.

Secondly, design is a pleasure to use. Will the product be comfortable? What emotions will it evoke? Knowing the answers to these questions is the main task of the designer. This is the opposite of dribble and puts the designer in a new role.

When a director creates a scene, he wants the audience to feel a certain emotion: fear, sadness, sympathy, or joy. So the designer must create a product, putting emotions into it.

Here we come to UI and UX.

UI or user interface is usability. The essence of UI is to reduce the number of steps to reach the goal.

Another thing is UX or user experience. For example, websites and applications should not only perform the task quickly but also evoke an emotional response from the user.

An example of a site with such a design is Sortie En Mer (unfortunately, the site is unavailable now). The main character is overboard from the yacht, and your task is to spin the mouse wheel as quickly as possible to save the drowning man. Since the shooting is carried out in the first person, you and the hero feel fear, fatigue and despair. The initiator of the advertising campaign was the marine supplies company, Guy Cotten.

Another example is the 2016 Peace Day browser game from Active Theory. With the help of a smartphone, you can launch and catch virtual paper airplanes, put a stamp of your city on them and send them further around the world.

We have created a New Year postcard website for Huawei. On it, we simultaneously congratulated on the holiday and talked about the 20th anniversary of the company in Russia. We proposed the idea of ​​not just a two-dimensional landing but a 360 site. The user can put on VR glasses and be inside them.


It creates the brand’s communication style.

A designer selects an image for a brand, as a stylist selects an image for a person. At this point, he is looking for an answer to the question: how will the brand speak to the consumer?

The famous video dumb ways to die is a public service announcement about railway safety from the Australian brand Metro Trains. So that’s what’s the quickest idea for an advertisement about subway accidents? Tin, blood and hopelessness. But the guys from the McCann agency from Melbourne went the other way and talked about it hilariously.

Another tonality is taken in the project about bullying teenagers with the help of social networks. Here, the designers convey sadness and great empathy to the hero who tells the story of his daughter. On the site, you can walk past installations – balloons with angry messages addressed to the girl. In 2014, these words drove a teenager to suicide.

This video is the work of our team. In it, we talk about the problems of conducting foreign exchange transactions. However, we chose a positive narrative and clearly showed the advantages instead of exaggerating and exaggerating colors.

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Evangelical Designer

From beginning to end, he is in charge of the procedure.

Why is it important for a designer to be an evangelist? Because it is the designer, paired with the copywriter, who must create the story. Otherwise, the designer will adapt to someone, and the creation of artifacts will begin.

If the role of the evangelist goes exclusively to the copywriter or manager, then all the designer does after that is an attempt to catch up with the departing train.

In 2016, we made a viral online game, “Save the cat!” to promote Microsoft products in online graphic design services. The designer came up with the idea, drew the character, and designed the game mechanics and interface.

In the project to create an online store for all Eksmo-AST Book24 publishing houses, our designers acted as evangelists together with colleagues from the client. We developed a logo with the image of a book, made a website design and reflected in it the main ideology of the store — “We love books and know everything about them!”.

The same people must do the prototyping and design. This eliminates the mechanical rendering of finished prototypes into beautiful pictures, and the convenience of use and the emotions of the buyer come to the fore.

A designer can be an evangelist not only within the team. For example, the mavenup company ordered a design concept for a new website from us. Our designers designed the structure and devised a style that the customer’s designers could translate into other pages and printed matter.


The main trend in digital design is moving away from dribbling. This can only be done by a designer who does not just draw beautiful pictures. He sets the brand’s communication style, invents stories, appeals to users’ emotions and takes responsibility for the result.

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