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Who Is A Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is employed since almost everyone will encounter stains or discolouration of their teeth at some time in their lives. For example, if you often consume coffee, red wine, or tea, you may see stains on your clothes over time. Discolouration may occur as a result of the use of tobacco products or smoking, as well as the use of certain drugs and dental trauma. Fortunately, teeth whitening may effectively erase a large number of these stains. You may be wondering whether teeth whitening Surrey is the best option for your specific situation. Continue reading to discover more about this procedure.

There Are A Variety Of Other Reasons For Tooth Discolouration

Sometimes a patient’s ability to control the causes of discoloured teeth is out of her or his control. The enamel of a patient will begin to weaken as he or she grows older. The teeth seem more yellow as a result of this. When this occurs, teeth whitening may be use to restore the smile to its previous look. In this approach, the patient will be able to grin without feeling self-conscious.

The Most Qualified Candidates 

Individuals who currently have healthy teeth might benefit from teeth whitening procedures. Patients shouldn’t have noticeable restorations before undergoing a whitening treatment. Patients’ gums should be in good condition as well. The good news is that patients may get their teeth fix and their gums treat to qualify for teeth whitening. Those with yellow teeth have a higher chance of responding favourably to teeth whitening therapy.

Before Doing Teeth Whitening, Dentists Must Examine The Patient’s Mouth

Dentists prefer that potential patient complete two requirements before undergoing tooth whitening treatments. The patient must first be clear of cavities before proceeding. They must also be clear of gum disease before proceeding.

On rare occasions, teeth whitening might cause mild irritation of the gums around the teeth. If a patient has gum disease, plaque is already irritating their gums, making the condition worse. If the irritation continues, it may result in bleeding from the gums and sensitivity in the teeth.

The treatment of teeth whitening is only available to individuals who satisfy the above conditions on an outpatient basis, the operation is performed in an isolated, sterile setting. The dentist may need to acquire bespoke gel trays before teeth whitening can begin.

Whitening Treatments Are Signaled By Red Lights

There are a variety of other reasons why dentists may refuse to give teeth whitening treatments to their patients. They are as follows:

Patient’s Chronological Age

Teenagers are often consider to be too young to benefit from professional whitening procedures, according to the majority of dentists. The teeth of a patient who starts whitening his or her teeth at a young age are more susceptible to becoming brittle over time.

Dentists also advise patients to avoid using over-the-counter teeth whitening products at home. While these kits are less potent than professional kits, they are also much more time consuming to use. When it comes to tooth whitening, minors should start with comprehensive cleanings and fluoride treatments to achieve the best results.


Teeth whitening is not harmful to pregnant women, but there is also no data to suggest that treatment is neutral or advantageous during pregnancy. In general, dentists advise their pregnant customers to postpone receiving teeth whitening treatments until after they have given birth and finished nursing their baby.

Peroxide is the active element in the whitening gel, and it is not toxic if it is unintentionally consume in little amounts. But dentists advise expecting mothers to postpone dental treatment in case they have an allergic reaction or other unexpected adverse effects during pregnancy.

Extensive Dental Work Was Required

Patients who have had dental practice Surrey work done, such as crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants, should consult with their dentists before beginning a whitening regimen. Because teeth whitening may make teeth seem lighter than they really are, patients may experience a mismatched appearance after their teeth are Whitening.

When Tooth Whitening Is Not An Option, There Are Other Options

Certain people are not good candidates for teeth whitening. Women who are pregnant or nursing, for example, should postpone getting their teeth whitened. People who have dental bridges or crowns may wish to consult with their dentist before attempting teeth whitening procedures. This form of therapy is only available to children who are at least 16 years old.

Anyone with exposed roots may not be a suitable choice for this position. There will be a difference in how white your roots are and how white your teeth are. Some individuals are allergic to peroxide, thus the dentist needs to know about the patient’s medical history before performing the procedure. Patients should inquire with their dentist about the expected outcome of the whitening procedure. For example, teeth may only be able to be whitened by a few shades rather than reaching a dazzling white after whitening.

Patients who have fillings or restorations need to be treat differently than the rest of the population. Because the restorations are not made of natural tooth enamel, they will not whiten in the same manner as the rest of the teeth. This implies that after the whitening operation, the restorations and the teeth will not be aesthetically pleasing. A dentist may devise a plan to ensure that the outcomes are more consistent in the future. It can be necessary to have new fillings placed or to have restorations completed. In addition to teeth whitening, a patient may be able to benefit from veneers or bonding.

Today Is A Good Day To See A Dentist For Teeth Whitening

If you are interested in having teeth whitening in Surrey, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. Your dentist can assist you in determining whether or not you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening. A medical history and an oral examination will be performe by your dentist to do this. If you are not a good fit for teeth whitening, you may still be a good candidate for other sorts of cosmetic procedures. Making an appointment with a dental practice in Surrey is the first step in making a decision.

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