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Which technology to choose to create a mobile application?

Like more than 48 million Arabic people, you use your smartphone daily to consult social networks, get information, and buy online…? The reluctance linked to mobile payment is fading to allow “m-commerce” to gradually settle in the purchasing habits of consumers. This is why it becomes important to develop a mobile application, but which technology should we choose? Thus, in China in 2019, one of the most advanced countries in this area, more than 75% of online transactions go through mobile phones! It is becoming essential for companies to ask themselves the question of the usefulness of creating a mobile application for their commercial activity. Among the existing technologies, how can you see clearly to consider the most suitable for your business needs? Do you necessarily need a colossal budget to develop an “app” that meets both your business objectives and the expectations of your customers?

Create a native application for a complex project

First, let’s take stock of the major technologies for developing mobile applications. Indeed, it is above all an evolution of languages ​​since the origin to adapt to the evolving functionalities of the mobile. “In the beginning there was the native”. It all started with the native application.


The main advantage of the native application is its reaction time. Because the app is installed directly in the memory of the mobile, it is stable, responsive and uses all its modules perfectly and quickly, sometimes even without an internet connection. By optimizing the code, it makes it possible to create a high- performance and tailor-made application and to develop advanced functionalities adapted to users’ needs. It is therefore ideal for the most complex projects.


There are few developers who can build an application natively. So they are expensive. The codes being radically different from one OS to another, you have to double the development costs to be present on Apple and on Android. Developers are forced to adapt to the code imposed by Apple and Google which is constantly evolving. Also, these significant costs and these strong constraints necessary to create a native application have given rise to new technologies.

The web application: easy and inexpensive

The Maven Digital mobile app development companies in Dubai are made for mobile support. It uses the UX codes of native applications and uses technologies such as HTML5 or CSS3. It is therefore compatible with all browsers.


Web applications mobilize few financial resources since their development and deployment are quick and easy. They therefore represent an inexpensive solution to reach mobile Internet users. They are also more open to changes and do not present any compatibility problem with the operating systems of the mobile.


Being created for mobile web browsers (Safari, Google Chrome etc.), however, it requires an internet connection to function. The use of the phone’s functionalities remains limited with the web app, thus offering a more basic, less intuitive and less interactive user experience. Likewise, there is no possibility of push notifications, alerts or tags on the device and the speed of execution is lower as it depends on the internet speed. It is also not optimized for all screen formats.

Creating a hybrid mobile application: the right compromise?

The hybrid mobile application works like a “web app” except that it is encapsulated in a native application, therefore present on the phone screen like any other app.”Bridges” easily connect the hybrid mobile application to a large majority of phone functions. This is why it is halfway between the web app and the native.

The PWA (progressive web app): alternative to the web application

By installing a light program on the mobile, the PWA adds to the web app the possibility of managing cached data, and therefore of operating offline. This web technology thus works without encapsulation. Creating a mobile application with PWA technology brings a clear advantage: it eliminates any dependence on stores by downloading the app directly from the Internet without mobilizing the storage space of the phone. Its execution speed is higher than that of a website and it adapts to all browsers and all operating systems. Google understood the importance that the PWA can take and was able to quickly adapt by allowing these apps to be available for download on their Google Play store .But Apple is dragging its feet and neither the AppStore nor the iOS have opened their doors to this technology. It should not be long …In terms of performance; the PWA is more successful than the hybrid and offers one major difference: off-line use. Caching can also significantly reduce load time .In view of the importance that the mobile application takes today in the digital sphere, the pooling of development resources plays a major role. The GAFA understood this well. The technologies launched by Facebook make it possible to generate native code. We do not start from zero. We code 1 time, we generate 2 codes and we save a lot of time! We then end up with perfectly native apps.The only limitation: every project is different and no technology can automatically accomplish 100% of the useful code .Depending on the functional objectives to be achieved, it is necessary to “finish the code by hand” even if already 80% of the code will be available. But before you create a mobile application for your business, as we explain in our article “Why and when to develop a mobile application?” », A preliminary study of the strategic needs of an application is necessary. Choosing a mobile technology depends on several factors. Whatever technology is chosen, “natives” seem to be an interesting outcome of the evolution of mobile technologies .However, the choice of a technology may change depending on the maturity of the application. Starting with a web app allows you to test a concept , but nothing prevents you ultimately from making it evolve towards a more efficient technology in an improved version !

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