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Which Summers Sandals and slippers are the best to achieve a basic comfort level?

Summers Sandals and slippers

Chappal and sandals are considered one of the most relaxing shoe type in Pakistan and this is the reason that chappal online shopping has become a new trend among many people especially youth. But when it comes to the variety or quality factor of online chappals shopping or online sandals shopping in Pakistan, there are a few brands that are focusing on it. Girls do more sandals online shopping than boys and love to show off what they wear.

That is why you witness an increasing trend of wearing designer sandals and slippers everywhere. But for a more well-known shoe brand, you usually have to pay more and many people can’t afford highly expensive shoe brands. Brands with high goodwill do cash their name but not every brand can produce stylish as well as comfortable flat sandals or slippers.

Sandals from Urbansole versus Sandals by Hush Puppies

You must be thinking why am I comparing to different brands with two different values. Well, because I am going to talk about my personal experience of buying sandals for men and sandals for women from both brands and will tell you where to spend your bucks if you are looking for men’s and ladies’ sandals in Pakistan offline or online. Winter is almost over and people are already looking for summer sandals as they give the most comfortable feeling during blazing summers.

Buying a new sandal online is no more than a risk but I quickly ordered sandals from Urbansole as I intentionally wanted to compare them with sandals by hush Puppies. A product that seems quite beautiful might not fit you or might be quite uncomfortable but I was super happy with Urbansole’s sandal quality and it made me realized that Hush Puppies is charging extra!

Who’s got comfortable Slippers for women?

Being a shoe lover, I also decided to buy any pair of slippers from Urbansole’s slippers for the women section. I was amazed to see that there were a few designs that immediately grabbed my attention. Usually, I am very picky when buying ladies slippers. Mostly I opt for extremely stylish ladies chappal designs or funky flip flop slippers but when I saw this design Sabel, I wanted it for sure.

Previously I received two pair of chappals for women from Hushpuppies and after receiving this new design from Urbansole, I regretted not buying shoes from Urbansole before. The moment they fit in my feet, I felt super-duper comfortable and relaxing. And this is the reason why I loved them. The pure leather shoe upper in Pink with inner breathable leather lining and polyurethane outer sole makes it very light-weight and cool to wear.

Who’s got relaxing Slippers for men?

After ordering my slipper, I went to their website and opened the section containing slipper for men and ordered a cool pair called Citrine. My husband is a big fan of hush puppies and he always prefers to buy chappals for men from their online store. When I received the slippers for my husband, I wasn’t sure will he like the colour and quality. He just loves leather slippers so there was no chance of even thinking about any flip flop slippers.

So when he saw them he was not sure about them but the moment he tried them he was in love with them. He asked me for the price and when I told him I got them for 2499 rupees, he was astonished to see top-quality mens slippers online Urbansole at this reasonable price. Whereas he has always bought a bit expensive slippers from Hush Puppies.

Which factors to consider while choosing between the two brands?

Price factor

Urbansole clearly won based on reasonable and budget-friendly pricing. It is almost in everyone’s range as they are not selling their slippers and sandals at a very high price. It is a thumbs up!

Quality factor

On the basis of quality, both the brands are almost producing top-notch leather slippers and sandals but if you talk about from the finest finishing point of view then Urbansole takes my vote. So it is up to you if you want to buy from both brands.

Reliability factor

When it comes to reliability and long-lasting theory, Hush Puppies comes to my mind as I have been using its sandal for more than two years now. Urbansole also seems really durable but I can be sure about it after using it for more than one or two years. So till then reserving my final verdict.

Light-weight and comfort level

Urbansole has become my new favourite after I have started using their slipper Sabel. The mushy inner sole makes you feel like you are wearing something super soothing. While slippers from Hush Puppies are neither too hard not too relaxing.

I would recommend you to try on some leather shoe designs from Urbansole because they are worth trying. Visit their website right-away because I am sure you will love it.

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