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Which Is The Right Countertop Material For Your Custom Home

The countertops of your home sometimes get unnoticed, but they are responsible for enhancing the beauty of your custom home. The aesthetics of your custom home includes your countertops too. You should analyze the pros and cons of different common materials of countertops, get expert advice from reputed house builders in Mandurah and then choose one for your home that fits your criteria. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of several materials that can be used to make your countertop. Let us continue reading to find out some detailed information about the materials for countertops. 


Granite countertops are widely used because of their durability and come with a lot of variety. It is very sanitary and resistant to scratches, heat, and stains. There are no such disadvantages with granite, but it is porous and needs a high-quality sealer.


Marble offers you the most attractive white color and unique veining patterns. But they are not scratch-resistant and need to be sealed regularly, or else spilled liquids can clog the pores. Moreover, marble is expensive.


Limestone is heat-resistant and available in various price ranges. The demerits are the same as marble, not scratch resistant, and the pores need to be sealed. 


Quartzite is a durable, hard, and low-maintenance natural stone. Washing it is comparatively easier. As a natural stone, it is already heat resistant, but try not to expose it to direct heat if you have a quartzite countertop. Colour options are limited in this case. 


Quartzite and quartz are way different. Quartz is a synthetic material and not porous or easily stained. It is scratch resistant, easy to clean, and does not require sealing. If you want quartz as your countertop material, you will get to choose from a large variety of colors, brands, patterns, and designs. As quartz is not a natural stone, it is not resistant to heat and sudden impacts. This is heavier than natural stones and is quite expensive. 


Concrete is the most suitable option as a countertop because it is easily customizable and heat resistant. Professionals from Compass Home WA offer you to opt for any design pattern and textures that fit you. But they need to be sealed properly, or they can catch stains or scratches. One must take care while washing because abrasive cleaning tools may damage the seals. They are susceptible to breakage and are way too expensive. 

Butcher Block

Wood countertops provide a neutral aesthetic touch to your home and fit both traditional and modern decor. You can choose one from different types of wood by analyzing the hardness level, colors, and graining. These expensive materials are high maintenance and prone to be damaged by incorporating moisture.


Tiles are easy to maintain, durable, available in many options, and the best fit if you want to customize your designs. But they are fragile and are not a sought-after material for countertops. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can offer you an industry-style kitchen look. They are heat-resistant and probably easy to clean. These materials are expensive, too loud, and prone to get scratched. 

Bottom Line

You can get in touch with any reputed house builders in Mandurah for any expert advice regarding choosing your countertop material. Hope this article helped get you some ideas about the pros and cons of different materials.

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