Which is the Cheapest Free Zone in UAE?

Global investors are particularly fond of UAE Free zones. Also, the cheapest free zones in the UAE attract worldwide investors. Therefore, the city is best for those who want to establish low-cost businesses. Hence, the free zones in the UAE provide investors with enough freedom.

More than 40 Free Zones in the UAE provide the most affordable free zone permits. Investors can choose the right Free Zone based on their business activity. The free zone companies grew by 4.4 % to 60,600 by the end of mid-February 2021. Hence, business setup in the cheapest free zone can be of huge profit for investors. 

Which is the Cheapest Free Zone in the UAE?

There are several aspects to consider while selecting the Free Zone. It includes the location, business activity, office space, and so on. The cost of a Media License at Sharjah Media City is AED 5,750. Hence, Sharjah Media City is the cheapest Free Zone in the UAE.

Investors are seeking ways to reduce the cost of Business Setup in Dubai. The Free Trade Zones provide investors with opportunities to trade. Therefore, Free Zones in Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai will provide affordable licenses.

Investors can have business categories and activities in the Free Zones.

IFZA is the most affordable Freezone Company Setup in Dubai and one of the most cost-effective in the UAE. It provides low-cost business permits and world-class infrastructure to investors. SHAMS and SPC offer investors inexpensive media licenses in Sharjah. Hence, Shams Free Zone is the cheapest free zone in Sharjah Emirate.

In 2022, SPC Free Zone will provide the most affordable free zone license. These free zones provide inexpensive business permits for various businesses. Hence, Free zone investors also get affordable trade licenses in the UAE.

Which are the Cost-Effective Free Zones in UAE?

Few free zones in the UAE provide excellent business creation options at low prices. Additionally, the free zones provide investors with the lowest trade license in UAE.

The Free Trade Zones in Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain are reasonable. These are suitable for establishing a firm in Dubai. Hence, the total cost of company setup consists of licensing, office rental, and visa fees.

Free zones in the northern emirates are an affordable option for investors. It includes maintenance costs, decreased office rent, and decreased utility expenditures. Hence, investors might choose IFZA, one of Dubai’s most affordable Free Zones.

Popular free zones in the UAE:

Free Zones in the Northern Emirates include Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, and Fujairah. These zones are best for Business Setup in Dubai. Also, the company licenses cost in the Northern Emirates is less than in Dubai’s Free Trade Zones.

Free Zones in the UAE’s northern emirates provide many business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Sharjah Publishing City, Ajman Media City, and RAKEZ offer cheaper business licenses. Thus, free zones motivate investors to start companies with low paperwork and convenience.

Cheapest Free Zones in Dubai

Dubai provides a variety of company establishment options for international investors. The Free Trade Zone offers the lowest Business licenses in Dubai, beginning at AED 11,900.

Dubai’s low-cost Free Zone offers investors enough commercial facilities. Therefore, starting a company in Dubai with low initial setup expenses is an excellent option. The later Low-Cost Free Trade Zones offer new investors the necessary business infrastructure.

Dubai Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone is one of Dubai’s most desirable destinations. Additionally, the Free Zone gives a No Objection Certificate as well. Therefore, you can use it to get office space at any location in Dubai.

There are various low-cost office premises on the UAE mainland. These low-cost offices are quite beneficial for investors. Hence, the investors may choose their office space by their budget and company needs.

Meydan Free Zone provides low-cost access to various commercial activities and licenses. The Free Zone’s proximity to the Meydan Racecourse attracts foreign investors. Also, this free zone allows businesses to network and socialize while working together.

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

IFZA is the most affordable Freezone for Business Setup in Dubai. It provides low-cost Dubai business licenses beginning at AED 11,900. Hence, this is the best Dubai free zone license deal in 2022.

Investors can get contemporary office solutions that conform to international standards.

Based on investors’ choices, IFZA  is the most popular free zone in 2022. It features a warehousing facility with the most stringent international logistics requirements. Hence, IFZA also provides investors with flexible renting options to reduce operational expenses.

Benefits for the Investors

  • Quick and simple business formation and administration
  • An extensive array of business operations (Consultancy, Services, Trading, etc.)
  • One Hundred Percent Foreign Ownership
  • Capability to establish a Limited Liability Company and add the LLC suffix to the name
  • complete exemption from business and personal income tax
  • There are no forex limitations
  • There is no necessity for a physical office
  • No share capital required
  • The capability of incorporating holding firms

Type of licenses available in IFZA

Service License –

Suited for the development, transformation, and distribution of service firms

Trading License

Appropriate for businesses that sell certain items 

General Trading license –

It is for businesses that trade a variety of products. IFZA provides the most affordable General Trading license packages.

Industrial License –

It is ideal for businesses engaged in importing, processing, manufacturing, packing, exportation, etc.

Ownership License –

Permits the holding of separate assets and shares of another corporation

Dubai CommerCity

Dubai CommerCity is a new Free Trade Zone in the United UAE Emirates. Thus, it offers businesses abundant commercial infrastructure and facilities of the highest caliber. Hence, the Free Zone near Dubai International Airport is popular with international commercial firms. This free zone is suitable for organizations that include logistics in their operations.

In Dubai, all Free Zones provide the appropriate help for investors. As an investor, you can expand your businesses in the free zone as well. You will get 2,000 business opportunities for overseas investors to pick from. Therefore, the Free Zone also provides Multi-year company licensing options (2, 3 & 5 years).

Why are Dubai Free zones so Popular with Investors?

Dubai’s Free zones provide several advantages to its investors. In the UAE, the popularity of a free zone is increasing because of several variables.

  • 100 percent ownership of the corporate entity is the most crucial characteristic
  • dividend repatriation
  • tax-free environment
  • safe financial system
  • world-class facilities
  • rapid and simple company setup
  • inexpensive free zone licenses and visa accessibility

Dubai’s most desired free zones are the cheapest ones. Additionally, investors see Dubai as the hub of all their commercial activities. The location of Dubai International Airport is a major draw for companies.  Hence, the cost-effective free zones in Dubai provide business setup options and inexpensive trade permits.

The lowest business registration fee in Dubai begins at AED 11,800. The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is the best in Dubai to start a low-cost business.

Cheapest Free Zone License in Sharjah

Sharjah Free Zones provide investors with world-class infrastructure. The Sharjah Free Zones provide a variety of business licensing options to investors. The lowest Free Zone License in Sharjah begins at AED 6,500 for a package with zero visa quotas.

Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is an active Free Trade Zone in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is very affordable for startups and entrepreneurs to establish a business here. It provides a variety of inexpensive office packages and visas for investors.

Also, the Free Zone is a center for networking events and business gatherings. The Free Zone aids investors by facilitating the launch of their businesses.

Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City is one of Sharjah’s Free Trade Zones with the most rapid growth. A free zone Company Setup comes with inexpensive business licenses and Visas. Hence, this makes Sharjah Media City the cheapest free zone in the United UAE Emirates.

The Free Zone provides many types of Business Licenses. It is an ideal Free Zone for media, freelancers, stratus, and consulting firms. Also, the low-cost licensing allows investors to launch their firms in the Free Zone. Hence, it also offers the most affordable general trade license in the UAE.

UAE draws investors with its ease of Business Setup in Dubai. This includes government help, world-class infrastructure, and so on. Also, UAE offers safe banking facilities, closeness to airports and seaports, and so on. Thus, the United Arab Emirates has become an ideal site for business.

By locating in the UAE, you are certain of attaining business excellence. Also, you can expand your brand into a worldwide one. Hence, if you are the one looking to start your business in the UAE, we are the right choice. Contact us now to get end-to-end consultation for business setup in Dubai.

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