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Which is The Best Nurse Care Centre In Gurgaon?

Nursing care centres are usually opted for when a person needs continued care and support, medical or otherwise.

For issues that require constant medical support, patients can approach nursing care centres.  For example, if you or any of your family members have undergone a major medical procedure or have some lingering medical issue. 

A hospital is what a patient needs to get treatment for various health conditions. Whereas, a nursing centre provides support for recovering or sick patients in the short term or long term.

Nursing centres provide extensive caregiving services and help support patients with their needs. They also treat any illness, provide emotional support, and help prevent health scares.

In general, nursing centres provide support to ailing and recovering patients. However, it is not just for palliative care and for people with severe illnesses. Nursing care services can be used to care for anyone – children, adults and the elderly.

Here is a list of centres providing excellent nursing care services in Gurgaon

Best Nursing Care Service Centres In Gurgaon

Garima Patient Care

Garima patient care provides nursing care services at the patient’s house. Their services cover elderly patients and patients recovering from major or minor surgeries. They also serve patients with chronic, and severe illnesses, and patients with disabilities.

Their primary services include personal care for those who are unable to move much. In addition, they provide services that address the personal needs of their patients, like bathing and self-care. The health care services also include healthcare checkups by qualified nurses.

The care centre also provides supplementary support services. For instance, providing home-cooked meals and housekeeping services.


Senocare was established during the pandemic to provide care and support to the elderly citizens of Gurgaon. Since its inception, it has established care centres in Gurgaon and Noida. It also has a newly established satellite office in Hyderabad. It is a home care service that is purely dedicated to taking care of elders in the absence of the family.

Senocare provides care services at the elders’ home. This allows elders to be more comfortable in accepting outside help. The services provided by Senocare are plenty. A few include nursing help, housekeeping, home maintenance, and technology troubleshooting.  

One unique service that Senocare provides is an event planning service. Even if elders are separated from their families by long distance, the managers help create long-lasting memories. They help execute plans for special activities and parties for elders and their loved ones.

Many care centres need you to pay in full right at the start every year. Senocare allows you to subscribe to their care packages in subscriptions of 3, 6, or 12 months. This could gibe an idea about how comfortable elders are with the services provided by Senocare and modify them as per the requirements.

Kriti Elder Care

Kriti Eder Care is focused on providing old age homes for elders who are helpless without their families around them. 

Their priority is to ensure that elders get complete medical support and care in a setting that feels like a home away from home.

In medical support, the centre provides care for elders suffering from various health concerns. They offer care services for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, hospice and palliative care, and support for all kinds of geriatric issues.

Along with its elderly care services, Kriti Elder Care also has a sister care centre. It exclusively provides physiotherapy services. The approach by the qualified doctors is to provide therapy for short and long term wellness. 


CareInx has focused its efforts on providing care services to elders in the comfort of their homes. The centre assigns caretakers as per the requirements of the elders and ensures that all their needs are met.

Care services include attendant services like bathing and helping to dress. They also provide care to bedridden elders and patients who are utterly dependent on someone else to care for their basic needs. The caregivers at CareInx are also trained to provide help to elders suffering from cognitive illnesses like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia. CareInx also has a care package dedicated to baby and mother care.

The centre requests their potential clients to place a call or email them with more details about their requirements. Based on the information, a customised care package is created and executed.


The idea of nursing centres is to provide patients with the best possible care. People want to provide their loved ones with premium help. In today’s professional rat race, the youth cannot take care of their elders for various reasons. Consequently, they start looking for professional care services to provide safe and competent services to their elders.

People are also on the lookout for nursing care services that provide services at the home of the patient. Elders, especially have trouble accepting the fact that they need to rely on someone else for going through even their basic activities. 

Home care is where nurses, attendants, and caregivers come to your home to provide nursing care services. In fact, home nursing care service centres are gaining in popularity. These services are especially helpful when the patient is physically unable to move, or it is the elderly that need support.

Each of the nursing care centres mentioned in this article is doing its best to provide care to the elderly. . However, if you are looking for a holistic care service that goes beyond health and nursing, you can look into Senocare. You can get a customised care plan for your elders suited to their needs.

The care managers at Senocare make sure that the plans are adaptable on the go to suit elders’ changing needs. To get more information you can call us here at +91 8800 700 100 or email us at info@senocare.in.

Our Services:

  • Nursing care for elderly
  • Physiotherapy(physical therapy)
  • Dementia(symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities)
  • Technical assistance to elderly
  • Income tax return filing and other paper document support
  • Evet planning and organizing for elderly
  • Memories creation for eldely

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