When choosing a moving company: what to know

Moving is one of the most stressful life events after divorce and job loss. The process is quite complicated than it seems as it includes many small tasks that we often ignore. It comprised much more than just packing and transporting the stuff. While you can hire movers for the moving day, finding the right movers is a task. Moving frauds are very common nowadays as the ever-growing moving industry is getting many new moving companies on an everyday basis. The revolution in the moving industry makes it very hard to find a realistic moving company as most companies promise varied services that they don’t mean to provide in real. So, you need to be very careful while choosing a moving company.

Understand the Type of Movers that You Want

Moving companies offer varied types of services and most of them specialize in one sector or the other. For example, some moving companies are experts in local services and others can handle interstate moves well. So, state to state moving companies associated with Pricing Van Lines will provide specified services needed for an interstate move. Make sure you understand your moving needs well, for instance, if you are moving locally or it is an interstate move if you need only labor and transport services or you want to opt for additional services like packing, dissembling of your furniture, and/or unpacking your goods too, and if you own some delicate items that need extra care. Based on these questions, you will be able to understand what type of moving services you are looking for.

Find Right Movers by Researching Well

Look online or consult your family and friends for recommendations when looking for potential moving companies. Make sure you select at least 3 moving companies as your potential service providers. Also, know your selected moving companies well and record the results to compare at the end. Gather the following information about your selected companies:

  • Don’t underestimate the experience that a company has in the industry. While a new company may offer you cheaper services, it can be risky to trust them with your expensive stuff.
  • Make sure that your selected company provides services at both places where you live now and where you will be moving.
  • Check the license and insurance of your moving company. You can find license and insurance-related information on the company website. Make sure the company is affiliated with the Department of Transportation especially when you are moving interstate as all interstate movers require to be licensed by DOT to be able to work in both current and destination states.
  • Read all online reviews given by past customers. Make sure you search for other sources for customer reviews than the company website as testimonials posted on the website can be fake and fabricated. You can search for genuine and honest reviews on websites of the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Transportation, Google, and/or Facebook.
  • Personally visit company office to confirm that it has a physical office location as it is noticed that many moving agents act as companies online. And, as they do not have their own staff, they mess up your moving process badly.

Insist on In-person Estimates

Do not fall for any verbal moving quotes and services and never agree on any terms over the telephone. It is wise to get a free moving estimate from more than three companies and for that make sure you call their representatives for an in-person survey to avoid any last-minute disagreements. Online moving quotes are not realistic as it is hard to know assess and know the size of a move without seeing them personally. In current pandemic times, you can ask for virtual home tours to get a moving quote.

Look out for the Red Flags

Be aware when a company offers you an unrealistically low price. Though the low cost may lure you in the beginning, major chances are that the company is not an expert or it may also indicate a scam.

Never pay large deposits, more than 20% of the total amount is a large deposit, and do not agree to pay more than that in advance. In case you have to pay a large deposit for a complicated or specific move, make sure you do not pay by cash.

If your selected moving company is not having its own moving vans, chances are that they rent moving vans which is not the right practice as a professional moving company owns moving vans and moving equipment.

Verify if the company’s address is listed under a commercial or residential property as companies listed under residential addresses are often fraud and you cannot expect professional services from them.

Talk to Your Movers

Talk to your movers before signing any contract with them and make sure you get everything in writing. Clear all the services and costs in detail and leave no chance for any hidden costs. Do not forget to ask about the cost of fuel and road taxes and tolls in case of an interstate move.

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