What You Should Do if You Locked Keys in Your Car

When you’re stressed, it affects nearly every aspect of your life, including decision-making. This can cause you to make small mistakes that you otherwise wouldn’t make, leading to even more stress as you deal with the consequences. One example of this is locking your keys in your car.

Getting in and out of your car is something you do every day, but when you’re distracted, all it takes is a simple mistake, and all of the sudden, you’ve locked your keys in your car and you’re stranded.

Now what?

We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn what to do when you’re locked out of your car.

Assess the Situation

First things first, take a deep breath and take in your surroundings. Do you feel safe waiting where you are until you can get your keys out? Do you have small children or pets locked in your car with your keys? If safety for yourself or anyone locked in the car is a concern, don’t hesitate to call 911.

In some cases, the police will be able to unlock your car for you, but even if they can’t, they can wait with you until help comes so that you feel safe.

See if There Are Any Free Options Available to You

Once you feel safe, think about whether you have any free services available to you. If you are part of an auto club membership, for instance, one of the perks may be that you get free locksmith services.

Similarly, some auto insurance plans offer free roadside assistance services if you lock your keys in your car. If you qualify for any of those services, look for the correct number to call so someone will be dispatched out to help you.

If you have a newer car, you may even have an app on your smartphone that can lock and unlock your car for you. Check to see if that’s available to you before paying for help.

Call a Locksmith

If you don’t have any free roadside assistance services available to you, then it’s time to call an automotive locksmith for help. They’ll be able to unlock your car for you, without doing any damage to the vehicle to help you get back inside so you can get where you need to go.

They can also help out afterward by fixing any issues with your locks and making new copies of your keys so you have a spare, should you need it in the future. Some car locksmith companies even offer after-hours services, so you can get the help you need, no matter what time of day (or night) it is.

When you call them, they should be able to give you an estimate for the charges, so you have a good idea of how much you’ll have to pay for their services.

Stay Calm When You’ve Locked Your Keys in Your Car

The next time you’ve locked your keys in your car, keep these tips in mind so you can get through the process with relative ease. And remember not to be too hard on yourself. We’ve all been there before!

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