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What to do when your basement begins leaking?

Whenever you think about purchasing a house or renting a space for yourself, you must check everything about the place, beginning from the basement area because a basement is like the root of the house, a foundation that keeps the structure intact. So, if the foundation is damaged or not strong enough, there is a significant risk of the whole system falling apart. 

Massachusetts is a state that experiences a lot of rainfall and humid summers, making the houses in that area prone to water damage. Hence, it is essential to regularly give your home good basement waterproofing in Massachusetts to withstand the humid weather. 

However, if your basement starts showing signs of leakage or damage, then the following tips can help you address it:

Do a thorough checkup of the drainage.

Before calling any professional help, you must check your drainage pipelines and see if there is damage to pipes or a tap is lost so that you can do a temporary repair till the time professional help comes. 

Contact a service provider or professional assistance.

After addressing the situation with a temporary solution, you must find the best service providers of basement waterproofing in Massachusetts,  near your place, to come and provide permanent solutions. When a basement is filled with excess water, then a lot of equipment is required to pump out the water and give the basement a proper cleaning so that there is no risk of getting any fungal assimilation, seepage, metal corrosion, rusting, etc. 

Clear the basement section

Often, people store extra furniture or other belongings in their basement. When this is flooded with water, you must take all the necessary items out so that the water doesn’t damage it. It is essential to keep the things away for some days because there is a chance that even after cleaning, the area can remain humid for days. 

Inform your home insurance company about the incident

It is also essential to inform your home insurance company so that you can retrieve your compensation for the loss you have experienced. However, some companies do not cover payment for basement flooding, but some insurance companies cover plumbing failures in their compensatory claims. Hence, it would be best if you informed them.

Do some research about all the potential disasters. 

You must not wait for the disaster to happen with you and instead do the necessary research to prevent it from happening. It involves keeping a routine check on the basement and getting some waterproofing done every year. This will prevent the basement from flooding in the future. However, suppose it happens despite taking precautions because of earthquakes, heavy rainfalls, storms, etc. In that case, you must research online about the best service providers to be prepared for the worst situation.

If you get your basement regularly checked, a good service provider will ensure that it is safe from extreme humidity, microbe invasion, fungal issues, leakage, flooding, structural damage, etc. Getting regular checkups will also prevent excess expenditure in the future because a major consequence like flooding or structural damage can cost you a huge amount of money. Hence, regular checkups will only cost you a limited amount that you can afford. 

Author: Alison

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