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Gmail is a free email service developed by Google for worldwide use. Gmail is compatible to work on a browser, in an android device, and in any apple device. With it was compatibility and splendid features, Gmail quickly became one of the most used email services in the world. However, just like every other email service, Gmail users claim to face some problems while using it. Fortunately, these problems can be easily solved with a little bit of guidance. This blog will discuss the reasons and the solutions for such a problem – Gmail not working.

There can be multiple scenarios when Gmail does not work. Most frequent problems are as under:

  • Gmail not receiving mails
  • Gmail not receiving notifications
  • Gmail search not working
  • Gmail not receiving new mails
  • Gmail attachments not working

Many such problems are claimed by the users. All these problems are discussed in this blog along with their solutions.


If your issue with Gmail not working is Gmail not receiving emails, follow this segment to resolve it. If you are using Gmail on a browser, switch to the Gmail application and check if you are receiving mails there. Also, check your trash and spam mails to make sure the mails are not transferred there instead. Next go to settings and click on Filters, then check the blocked addresses to make sure you haven’t mistakenly blocked any addresses which is not keeping you from receiving mails from that particular address. Go to Settings and click on Forwarding; check the forwarding settings to see if the hindrance is coming from there.


As mentioned earlier, there can be many ways to Gmail not working, one of them being Gmail not receiving notifications. To fix this problem, follow the given steps.

Solution 1- Check the settings

  • Open Gmail application on your android and tap the menu in the top-right corner to open settings on the app
  • Then select the email for which you were not notified then tap the Inbox notifications option; make sure that the box next to the “Notify for every message” option
  • Tap the General settings option in the Settings window, followed by the Manage Notifications option
  • Enable the mail feature to receive notifications for all the mails
Solution 2 – Battery Settings

Locate Battery & Performance option in the Settings window, tap “Choose Apps”, select “Gmail”, and finally tap on “No restrictions to receive notifications even when the battery is low on your android device”

Solution 3 – Data Settings

Open settings on your device, open Data Usage from the options, tap on Gmail and turn on Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, and Background data. Next, tap on App info placed at the bottom of the screen, and finally click on Restriction data usage to open and then remove check mark next to the Mobile data option.

Solution 4 – Synchronizing Gmail

Open settings in your Android Device, locate and click on Google, and then select Gmail to turn on the synchronization to solve or to fix Gmail not working.


Amongst other common problem with Gmail not working is Gmail search not working. To solve this problem, follow the steps on this segment. Start by opening Gmail on your computer, press F5 to refresh the page. Go to account and sign out from the account. Wait for a couple minutes and log back in. Check if there are any updates available on your device, update if necessary. Next step is to temporarily disable the Antivirus software to identify the problem. Finally, clear the cache and cookies.


Another quite common issue claimed by the users of Gmail attachments not working. To fix Gmail not working, follow the following segment:

  • First of all, click on the Padlock icon places in the address bar to grant all permissions. Upgrade your browser or the app and see if your Gmail not perfectly.
  • Next, disable the proxy settings by typing Internet Option in the search bar. Go to the connection tab and select the LAN settings, untick the Use a Proxy Server for the LAN option, and finally type yes.
  • Now, untick the checkbox near the Proxy server for your LAB settings. Then untick the checkbox near the Use a Proxy Server for your LAN, tap OK.
  • Launch the Run dialog by pressing the windows button and R key together, type firewall.cpl. Now, select the Turn Windows Firewall On or Off then disable windows firewall. Lastly, press the OK button to save the firewall settings.

The solutions mentioned in this blog will help you fix Gmail not working. If you are unable to fix the problem, you can read out other blogs for attaining a better idea. These solutions should serve as the answer to the questions in this blog.

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