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What to do in Charleston SC

Charleston SC, commonly dubbed America’s Holy City, is one of the most iconic cities worldwide. This city has its origins in 1670 when it was gifted to those loyal to King Charles II. Its strategic location allowed it to quickly evolve into one of the largest cities in America by 1670. This world-renowned city features a large number of churches with a lot of religious history etched in them. Charleston boasts some of the most intriguing architecture, history and restaurants in America. This article will look at what to do in Charleston SC as a tourist or traveler to get the most out of their visit there.

Take a walk tour through Charleston

The design and architecture that went into building this city makes it extremely fun to walk through. Walking through the cobblestone streets allows you to appreciate the southern architecture complemented by the cobblestone streets fully. You may also get to experience the rich heritage and gather a few souvenirs to carry home. It would be best if you considered Brian Simms’ Charleston Sole walking tours for a two-hour walk through some of Charleston’s treasures and landmarks.

Visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

The ideal Charleston tour will take you through the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens to experience early American heritage, courtesy of the long-standing Drayton family.

Check out Rainbow Row

You may also visit the Rainbow Row and get to tour up to 13 homes with Georgian Heritage. Rainbow Row is on Charleston’s East Bay and has some of the best venues for photogenic travelers.

Tour Charleston Tea Party

This tour will help you get insight into how the Charleston locals live and their culture by letting you visit select homes and gardens. This tour is organized by June McKnight and Laura Eichmann Hipp. They also organize a shopping tour for antiques around the city. As seen in the name, these tours are complemented by tea in the afternoon.

King Street

Most of Charleston’s history can be found on King Street. The prevailing high rents have, however, forced many stores to go out of business. This sentiment has, however, not hampered travelers from enjoying the culture of Charleston. You may visit the Ibu movement, Berlin’s Clothing Store, Croghan’s Jewel Box and Hampden Clothing.

Waterfront Park

Joe Riley Park is conveniently found on the Charleston Harbor. This tour is especially pleasant while cycling. Bikes can be obtained from your accommodative hotel. The cycle tour will take you around the 8-mile park allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of Charleston. Interested parties can get supplies for picnics at Goat. Sheep. Cow. As you cycle through the park, you can stop at one of the old benches for a picnic lunch.

Callie’s Hot Biscuits

Foodies will love Charleston for its world-renowned biscuits. Many notable sources approve, recommend and term Callie’s Biscuits as top-tier foodie Gold. These biscuits have intrigued many and gained recognition from the New York Times and even Oprah.

Husk Bar and Restaurant

Revelers will love this carriage house that sports a vibe from the 1700s. This is an ideal spot for food and drinks in the Charleston area. While here, you should try out the old-timey cocktail recipe called the Charleston Light Dragoon’s Punch, which is guaranteed to blow you away.


Tempest offers the best seafood dishes in Charleston SC. Its quality dishes are courtesy of Top Chefs Jamie Lynch. The restaurant features not only good food but also holds amazing aesthetic appeal. This artistry can be seen in the tempest like a stained glass mosaic that graces its ceiling. This mosaic was designed by Charleston’s own Honey McCrary.

The Spectator

Those in the French Quarter may consider staying at the Spectator. This boutique is designed to mimic a vibe from the early 1900s. Staying at the Spectator will allow you to enjoy complimentary breakfast, a butler and tasty cocktails.

Stay at Zero George

This boutique is essentially a restored building from 1804. Its location is extremely ideal, being just a few blocks from the harbor. Its design features cobblestone courtyards and impeccable finishing that give it its gem-like aesthetic appeal. They even offer their clients turquoise bikes and cooking classes. Foodies will find their fill at Zero George, which is considered one of the top worldwide. Your visit to Charleston would be incomplete without dinner at Zero George.

The Beach Club

This resort is ideal for people intent on spending their time in Charleston as close to the beach as possible. It is located at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina and is conveniently close to downtown. This club is the perfect getaway as it accommodates the airy beach vibe and even has a private beach. You may also get to enjoy their spa and massage services. Now you know what to do in Charleston SC. Want to learn more? Check out the Charleston City Guide and plan your next trip!

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