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What the Web Design Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

In today’s world, it’s essentially impossible to run a successful business without having some kind of web presence. Consumers go online to learn about the companies around them, both near and far. Failure to give them somewhere to land is going to lose your business, there’s no doubt about it.

However, the actual web design process remains a mystery to a great many business owners. How do web developers do what they do, and how do they craft such stunning final products?

It’s helpful to understand what a web development company actually does before you go through with working with one. Read on and we’ll give you all the basics.

The Planning Process

Just like executing any number of great things, about half of the work when it comes to website design is really in the planning. Crafting exactly what an idea website is like will take up much of the work, and these steps must be given much attention if the final product is going to live up to what one might imagine.

The initial stages of website design mostly revolve around a developer trying to understand the goals of the business itself. What should this website accomplish? It might need to get basic info about the brand out, it might be there to try and make sales, or any number of other website goals.

Once this goal has been resolutely decided upon, a web developer can start planning how best to reach it. In most cases, this will mean crafting a wireframe example, essentially an outline, of what the final site might look like.

This wireframe breaks down what the different pages of the website will be and how they will link to one another.

Last but not least, discussions will be had about how to carry the brand identity of the business over to this plan. Once these pages are actually fleshed out, how will they feel unique to this business?

The Design Process

Once this whole plan is laid out, the actual work of creating the website can actually begin. Much of this work is just the actualization of the ideas discussed in the previous part of the process.

Web designers craft each page of the website, one page at a time, implementing brand design elements and keeping overall goals in mind.

This can be hard and slow work, which is why website designers often charge so much for their expertise and skill. Luckily, there are also nonprofit website design companies out there for those that can’t hit this kind of budget.

Once the page exists, a process of beta testing takes place so one can ensure the site works as it should. Notes are taken and changes are made, and different rounds of testing might occur until everyone is happy.

Understanding the Web Design Process

If you’re about to launch an online page for your company, it’s important to take the time to understand the ins and outs of the web design process. The above information can give you a solid sense of how this kind of work progresses.

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