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What Should You Do If Your Circuit Breaker is Not Resetting

Is your circuit breaker not resetting preventing all your electrical appliances from switching on leaving you sweating and facing blackouts? Do not worry! You are not alone. Many people face this problem and try to know several factors that lead to this issue. Electrician services in Karachi have made your work easy by enlisting tips to reset your circuit breaker. You can follow these most tested but simple tips to make your circuit breaker reset.

Tips to Follow if Your Circuit Breaker is Not Resetting

If your circuit breaker has tripped to ensure safety, but now it is not resetting even after a long time, do not worry. In this article, you will come to learn some easy ways to make your circuit breaker reset:

Ensure You are Flipping the Right Switch

It sounds silly, but sometimes, you do not actually know which switch should be flipped. And you end up flipping the wrong switch which can not reset your circuit breaker.

Therefore, first of all, you should make sure you are flipping the right switch which is specified for resetting your circuit breaker. In this way, you can reset your circuit breaker properly.

Check If Your Circuit is Overloaded

An overloaded circuit is one of the most common reasons for your non-resetting circuit breaker. You should check whether your circuit is overloaded or not.

The best action you can take is to book a qualified electrician in Karachi. He can trace the problem and fix it professionally. But if you want to figure out the reason on your own, you are free to go.

How can you find out if your circuit is overloaded? Do not worry! You can look for these signs:

  • A circuit breaker trips
  • It does not reset
  • It resets after a cooldown period
  • Does not remain for an appropriate time
  • And trips again immediately

When your circuit breaker is not resetting, you can carefully observe for the above-given signs. If the signs are just like these, tada! We have found the problem, your circuit is overloaded.

What makes a circuit overloaded?

When you plug in too many switches in a single outlet, it puts too much load on your electric circuit. It is the reason which is preventing your circuit breaker from resetting.

Now when you have figured out that your circuit is overloaded, you might be thinking that how can you fix it. It is not that difficult. You just have to unplug any extra switches from your outlets.

In this way, when there will be no overloading on the circuit, your circuit breaker will reset.

Inspect Whether Your Circuit is Overloaded or Not

If you have unplugged most of your electrical appliances from the electrical outlets but still your circuit breaker is not resetting, search for another issue. Your electrical system might be facing a short circuit that is preventing your circuit breaker from resetting.

You can inspect your electrical circuit on your own or book specialized Electrician Services in Lahore. Professional service providers possess years-long training that makes them perfect for your electrical problems.

Signs for a Short Circuit

But if you want to inspect your electrical problem on your own, you can do that if you have professional skills and tools. If you have got these skills, you can look for the following signs:

  • Electrical appliances are breaking down
  • Overheated appliances
  • And electrical sparks

If your house is showing the following signs,  you have a short circuit. Book a qualified electrician and get your short circuit problem resolved.

Circuit Breaker might be Faulty

If you have tried both of the above techniques but there is no difference, you should inspect the circuit breaker to make sure whether it is faulty or not. The circuit breaker itself might be faulty and can not let your electrical appliances revive again.

In the case when your circuit breaker is damaged, you should find an expert electrician to look into the matter.

Call an Expert Electrician

The best option to opt for resetting your circuit breaker is to book an expert electrician online. He can look into the matter, trace the problem, and fix it effectively.

How can you find a skilled electrician? Search “ electrician services near me”, in your search engine and get your circuit breaker inspected and repaired.

Sometimes, most homeowners start inspecting their electrical system on their own to find out the potential problem. But they end up making mistakes which can lead to breaking down electrical appliances.

You might end up facing electrical shocks and injuries. You might be a victim of electrocution in severe cases. Therefore, you should never mess with the electricity if you do not have professional skills. Instead, let a skilled electrician trace and fix your electrical problems effectively.

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