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What Really Happens When Your Business Server Goes Down

Did you know that the average business server sees three hours of downtime each month? When you’re running a small business it is vital that you take measures to prevent server down time with your small business server. Experiencing issues with your cloud server for small business causes a myriad of issues that will hold your business back from reaching its potential.

It is important that you know the best server for small business in order to prevent the issues that come with issues that occur when a business server fails. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about what happens when your small business’s server goes down and why you need to prevent it.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the impact that server failure will cause your business.

Lost Productivity

One of the big costs that come with your business server going down is a big drop in productivity. Now more than ever, businesses use and rely on communications through the internet. If your server goes down then your employees won’t have access to their email mailbox or their internet browser.

Even worse, your customer service and customer support departments won’t be able to help customers that are in need of help with using your products or services. When your business server fails it brings almost every aspect of your business to an immediate halt.

The consequences of a server failing are even worse when you choose to use a cloud server for small business. It will leave your employees with nothing to do until the server goes back online. You’re paying your employees for the time that they’re at work even if they can’t do their jobs due to the issues with your business server.

If your server goes down then you’re not only losing time and frustrating your customers, but you’re also stuck paying your employees for sitting and waiting for the server to get repaired. If you need server repair in a hurry be sure to click here.

Lost Opportunities for Your Business

If your small business conducts a lot of business online then experiencing failure with your business server can result in catastrophe. Your server going down will make it impossible for your customers and target audience to find your website, let alone look through your goods and purchase anything.

The fewer customers you have, the less money that your business is going to make. This is even worse because it creates a negative first impression on potential customers that are visiting your site for only the first or second time.

If your business offers software as a service then your server going down is going to make it impossible for you to work with and communicate with your existing customers. This will lead to a possible ending of your relationship with them since it prevents them from providing the functions they need for their business.

If you use your business website as a sales platform then nothing is worse than the lost opportunities that you’ll watch slip through your grasp. Online shoppers expect your website to load in a short period of time. If websites don’t load in less than three seconds then online customers will likely try a different website.

With so much on the line, you shouldn’t risk slow service or server failure. It will make or break the success of your small business.

Your Brand Takes a Hit

Another big detriment to experiencing server failure with your business server is the dent that it puts in your brand’s image. The immediate consequences of server failure are lost productivity and lost opportunities to generate revenue through sales on your website.

The long-term damage happens because your audience and customers will find your brand to be less reliable and trustworthy. If your customers are experiencing frequent issues purchasing or using your goods and services because of your business server then they’re going to grow dissatisfied with what your small business provides.

This has a snowball effect because your unsatisfied customers will tell others about their negative experiences working with you and using your products or services. Your reputation will diminish which decreases the number of people that are willing to give your business a chance.

It also results in negative customer reviews on things like Google and Facebook. These negative reviews are enough to push many consumers away since they’ll base their expectations on the experiences of others. You’ll face an uphill battle to win back the trust of your previous customers as well as that of your target audience.

Data Loss

One of the worst things that can happen to a small business is experiencing data loss. If you don’t already back up your data, you need to start doing this. Losing your data will set your small business back big time and it also leaves your business exposed to cyberthreats.

When your server goes down you face the possibility of the files and documents on your cloud server getting lost or becoming damaged. Even if you do have your data backed up, the loss of the original files could scare off your customers and audience. This might lead to you losing their business since they don’t trust your server or your reliability.

Data loss is also a large threat if your business is reliant on data analytics. This helps with making big decisions on how you operate and how to navigate the industry or market you work in. Your server going down can paralyze your organization. You won’t have the information you need to make informed decisions about the direction of your company.

Upgrade Your Business Server Today

It is difficult to make it when you’re running a small business. One of the major things that will hold your business back is having an inadequate business server. It will result in a loss of confidence and trust in your customers when it comes to doing business with you and it will damage your brand. It also results in decreased productivity for your employees.

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