What makes the WooCommerce eBay Integrator a Must-Have Plugin? 

eBay is one of the favorite marketplaces for buying and selling goods. eBay was first thought of as a business-to-business platform, but as time went on, the eBay business module also developed. Nowadays, the platform deals in both varieties: business to business and business to customers.

The benefits module of the eBay Marketplace is simple, as the platform charges an annual fee along with a commission per item sold from the online vendors that have listed their shops on the platform. For the listing procedure, sellers can list up to 50 products on eBay at zero commission charges. Afterward, if you have a larger-sized inventory, eBay has pre-defined commission charges for every kind of category, which might have some variations.

Now WooCommerce online vendors can also sell their products on the eBay Marketplace. The Knowband WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration plugin is specially tailored for WooCommerce merchants that are looking for a ready-to-use extension. It can offer them the opportunity to sell on the eBay Marketplace along with their WooCommerce shop.

WooCommerce eBay Integration

The Working Module of the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace API Integrator Extension:

The Knowband WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin offers WooCommerce merchants the opportunity to connect their shop with the eBay Marketplace. In simple words, merchants can sell on both platforms—eBay and WooCommerce—right from the WooCommerce shop back-end.

Vendor Advantages of WooCommerce eBay API Integrator Module!!

The WooCommerce eBay connection maker comes with a “cakewalk” configuration and setup process. Administrators with no coding knowledge can also connect WooCommerce to eBay using the eBay WooCommerce connector.

Starting from the features, the admins can create the desired number of profiles they want to list on the eBay Marketplace. The store admins can even choose a different profile for every category segment. The WooCommerce eBay marketplace extension comes with the support of pre-loaded Cron jobs that make all the profile listing processes automated. Thus, the plugin takes away all the headaches of a manual process. After the creation of the profiles, the online vendors can make changes to the eBay profiles, and the variations they make will directly reflect on eBay. The fun fact is that you will not have to visit eBay to manage your profiles or update them. Right from the WooCommerce admin panel, any profiles may be deleted or created whenever you want.

WooCommerce merchants can take joy from the amazing features of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration addon, like adding, deleting, updating, re-listing, and deactivating any product on eBay within no time.

Furthermore, the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace connector plugin makes it simple to manage the orders from a single admin panel. The plugin makes it happen to show all the orders either from the eBay Marketplace or from the WooCommerce Shop to be managed at the WooCommerce backend itself.

Amazing features offered by the Knowband WooCommerce eBay API Connector!!

WooCommerce eBay Integrator

Profile Management:

The module offers a separate section to manage the eBay profiles. The WooCommerce store admins can create profiles by setting up various attributes like selecting the language, shipping profile, product description template, currencies, profile name, increased or decreased price, and many other options like payment methods and all. Moreover, there is no restriction on creating the profiles. The WooCommerce shop backend allows for the creation of an unlimited number of vendor profiles for the eBay Marketplace.

HTML Product Description Assistance:

The other lucrative advantage of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration addon is that the module offers the merchants the ability to add HTML product descriptions from the module backend. WooCommerce merchants can add HTML content from their WooCommerce shop admin panel to make their product pages attractive and more engaging. Furthermore, merchants can also share the same short description on the eBay Marketplace as on their eCommerce shop.

Price Handling:

If we talk about the most usable feature of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration module, the pointer will stop at price handling. The vendors can sell the same product with price variations on the eBay Marketplace. Moreover, WooCommerce retailers can choose an increment or decrement based on an exact value or even a percentage.

So, if the only thing that is stopping you from selling on the eBay Marketplace is the commission fee, the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration add-on does the job for you with the price handling feature. In addition to all the other settings, this function is accessible via the profile administration section.

List Along with all of the attributes:

One of the standout features of the WooCommerce eBay Integration addon is that it allows merchants to list their products with all available attributes on the eBay Marketplace. For instance, all of the product options for t-shirts that you sell in your store with options like colours and sizes will be posted to the eBay Marketplace with just one tap.

Inventory management:

The WooCommerce eBay connector plugin offers the amazing features of inventory management.  For having a broad look at this feature let’s consider an example. If a product has a quantity of 2 in available stock and 1 item is purchased from either eBay or WooCommerce, the quantity will change to 1 on both listings. This is one of the flagship features of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Connector Module, as inventory management minimizes a lot of manual tasks for merchants.

Wrapping Up:

WooCommerce eBay Integration Addon is the modern solution for multi-channel selling. The Merchants that are looking forward to selling on the top-notch marketplace eBay and have their WooCommerce shop on board, can easily find the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration addon as a perfect fit for them.

Furthermore, from the very first step, the plugin does not require any coding skills or technical knowledge to manage the multi-platform selling. Moreover, the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration module comes with a one-time payment and lifetime usability module, so, there is no need to pay subscription charges as Knowband got your back.

In addition to WooCommerce eBay Integrator, Knowband provides eBay connector plugins for other platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento 2.

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