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What makes the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension your go-to option for renting services?

Would you like to make it simple for your consumers to reserve hotel accommodation or reservations? The OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension make the entire process easier for you. As a result, you may include appointment booking, hotel booking, and rental appointment alternatives on your site. In addition, the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module are used. It’s a module with a lot of features. In fact, it ensures that potential customers on your website have a nice booking experience.

According to their demands, online shoppers may easily establish arrangements, book hotels, register hourly rental-based goods, and book daily rental-based things. Value guidelines can also be used by the online shipper to offer a discounted rate at specified times. To aid clients, the Opencart Booking and Rental Extension use Google Maps to display locations on item pages. The OpenCart Hotel Booking module is multilingual and provides a smooth user experience.

This article discusses the benefits of the Knowband OpenCart Event Booking plugin for eCommerce merchants. As a result, we should have a look at them below.

The enthralling highlights of the OpenCart Booking and Rental System

In the case of Appointments types

Organize a variety of services

You may use the OpenCart Booking and Rental System extension to offer a variety of booking and rental services to your shop. You may add and manage a variety of services, such as medical appointments, hotel reservations, car or bike rentals, and so on.

Decide whether you want the home to service or a branch visit.

You may choose between two service types in the OpenCart Booking and Rental System: Home Service and Branch. Customers who choose the Home Service option will receive the service at their residence, but those who choose the Branch alternative can go to the branch to receive the service.

Decide on a time frame for your solutions

You have the option of choosing the time duration for your operations. You can, for example, opt to give services on specific days and at specific times. Furthermore, various prices can be specified for different days and times.

In the case of Hotel Reservations types

Organize your sections

You may add classifications to your accommodations in the OpenCart Booking system, such as Flagship, Premium, and so on. This may be done by going to the Booking Room Category tab.

Select a room type

You can assign a category to your rooms, such as single bed, double bed, or triple bed. This option belongs to the Booking Room category. You may put the room in whatever category you prefer, such as maximum children permitted, maximum adults allowed, and so on.

Add any further services you’d want to offer

You may add the kind of amenities you wish to continue providing your guests under Booking conveniences, such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, parking, and so on.

Allow clients to receive additional discounts.

Offer your consumers additional discounts on existing services. Add your pricing rule for service under the Booking Price Rule section, then specify the day you want to run the offer and the reduction quantity.

In the case of Rental types

Determine the length of time for which your rental services will be available. Customers can schedule the rental service with an upper and lower limit of the number of days.

You may set a maximum number of bookings per day with the OpenCart Rental system extension.

Decide whether your rental service has air conditioning, Wi-Fi, or a charging station, whether it’s a 5-seater or a 7-seater, and whether it runs on gasoline or diesel.

Change the default price for each time period.

Apart from these characteristics of the OpenCart Service Booking module

  • Under the Orders page of the OpenCart extension, you can view your whole order history.
  • By inputting your Google Map API key, you may integrate Google Maps into your web store.
  • You may select whether to disclose the extra discount when a consumer plans an appointment, a hotel, or a rental, or whether to hide it.
  • The OpenCart addon supports multiple stores and languages.


  1. First, you may give doorstep solutions to your consumers or make this easy for them all to set up an appointment with the OpenCart Booking and Rental System extension.
  2. Second, you may alter your selling prices per the busiest periods using the OpenCart Booking and Rental system extension.
  3. Last, you have the freedom to modify your offerings as you see fit.

Considerations to use Knowband’s OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension

  • Cuts the amount of time it takes to handle all of the reservations

The physical scheduling approach cannot match the accuracy given by the online booking system. You won’t even have to deal with the annoyance of receiving booking calls. Furthermore, you won’t have to call around to find possible customers. Obtaining the confirmation email is also necessary. As a result, everything proceeds in a systematic manner.

  • Promotes the profits of the organization

You will see a large boost in bookings if you use the Booking System Extension for OpenCart to put your reservation system online. Additionally, this will result in more money. As a result, if you want to stand out from the crowd, now is the time to do it.

  • You will save a lot of time using the eCommerce Booking System

You may save a lot of time with the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension. Because no manual labour is required. You may also take account of your arrangements and send email notifications on a regular basis. Most essential, alter your booking methods to accommodate your timetable.

  • The booking prices may be easily modified

The module allows you to change the cost for bookings depending on various days and hours, as well as turn off the reservation feature for certain days during the weekend.

Let us conclude the OpenCart Booking and Rental System post!

Thus, this is what the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension by Knowband are all about. In fact, it is a must-have for marketers who want to provide rental services to their customers. Further, if you want to get your hands on the OpenCart Event Booking plugin by Knowband, you can get it at an additional discount of 20%. In addition, with the discount coupon code BFCM25, get 25% extra off on the plugin. So, what do you think of it?

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