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What Makes Orchids A Great Gifting Option?

Special reason to send flowers to your loved ones

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things on earth and you actually don’t need any special reason to send flowers to your loved ones. From birthday to anniversary, Valentine’s to Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Teacher’s Day or anything, flowers are great picks as gifts. Flowers have been an emblem of love and care for long and one can’t deny the part flowers play in our daily lives. There is nothing more beautiful and organic like gifting a flower. Though various other gifting options are available for multiple occasions, flowers are the best way to convey your feelings. The flowers most commonly used for gifting purposes are roses, lilies, tulips, hydrangeas and, of course, orchids! These blooms are not only bright and beautiful, but they have a unique charm that other flowers may not have. Here are some reasons why you should choose orchids as a gift:

Orchids Have Beautiful Meanings

Orchids have beautiful flower meanings which makes another reason to buy them as gifts. Give your loved one orchid flower bouquet as these flowers have been considered as a symbol of good health, prosperity, purity, fertility, royalty, friendship, and good wishes. This is the reason it is hard to go wrong when you send orchids to someone special.

Orchids Are Long Lasting

Orchids are a perfect choice as they are long-lasting. After all who wants the flower to wither away fast especially when it is given by someone you love. If properly cared they can last for a good period of 4 to 10 weeks and can communicate your message the right way. To ensure long life place them away from direct sunlight and water it according to the species of orchid.

Orchids Have Striking Beauty

It is the elegant look that makes orchid gift ideas more popular. Orchids come in beautiful colors, shapes, and patterns. While the red orchids represent true love, the pink ones denote femininity, grace, and joy. Blue and purple colored orchids, on the other hand, represent royalty and dignity. Therefore, depending on the occasion type and the person you are gifting to, you can select the type of orchid.

Orchids Hit A Conversation

Orchids not only beautifully accent any interior style, but they also have the power to strike a conversation. If you have seen an orchid in your dear one’s or friend’s house, the chances are great that it becomes a topic of conversation. A few of the topics that are widely discussed in this context could be their caring tips, purchasing tips, benefits, etc.

Orchids Have Spiritual Importance

On the spiritual aspect, orchids signify a happy spirit. When your close one wants to experience a spiritual breakthrough, give them orchids as a gift. The spiritual meaning of orchid is very compelling. It would definitely help bring positive energy to them.

Orchids Are Easy To Look After

Orchids are one of the easiest plants to take care of among all house-plants. They adapt easily to the harsh growing conditions set out by fluorescent lights as well as to windowsills. These plants blossom for several months, generally from autumn to spring. However, there are some orchids that bloom consistently throughout the year. Moreover, they need to be watered just once a week and fertilized once every month. Most of the orchid varieties do not require direct sunlight and can be kept inside the house. In other words, Orchids are the ideal choice if you have no time to care for plants.

No matter what these impressive orchids mean to you, they are sure to give your recipients a sense of happiness when they are given as gifts. Considered one of the most adaptable plants on earth they also exemplify patience and evolution. So, order flowers online today and give you close ones the gift of orchids to feel the real sense of contentment.





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