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What makes Mumbai the Most Attractive City to Visit?

Mumbai is a city of dreams where everyone wants to achieve their dreams.People from several states come here with great hopes, smoldering passion and their distinct way of living. They all coalesce together here and make a blend of diversity.

Many famous places attract the visitors towards them but some have the caliber to steal the sight and heart both with their scenic beauties. Besides the skyrocketing buildings, lavish lifestyles of big stars, the sunsets at beaches and sugary sand make people rejuvenate in their daily busy lives. If you are up with all your desires to visit Mumbai, then this list of some most loving places is going to help you. Let’s have a look at them!

Colaba Causeway

Shopping on the streets of Mumbai can be a burning desire of a traveler. But the prices of expensive stuff haunt everyone. Colaba Causeway does not include these cons. If you are a person who loves wearing designer stuff then Colaba Causeway is your place. Not only the clothing but the stuff related to the home decoration is also available here. You can easily bargain for the things you want to buy. Colaba Causeway is the heart of paryer hall Mumbai and you will see the real liveliest atmosphere here.

Hanging gardens

It’s a lush green garden and has a fantastic view. it’s on the top of Malabar hills that looks marvellous. Jamal Nehru park plays the role of a good neighbor of the Hanging garden. It had been dedicated to the Barrister Ferozshah Mehta in his memory. Therefore, people remember it as the Barrister Mehta garden.

This garden has been constructed on a water reservoir that provides fresh water to the local habitants. Though the entire garden with its embellishing views attracts visitors, the flower clock makes people gaze at it for a long duration. The garden is a great solution for the people who need some break from the noise of city life.

Prince of Wales museum

Mumbai keeps some historical treasures like the prince of wales museum as well. It is famous as a heritage place which is widely known for its splendid structure. The construction of this building includes three engineering styles – British, Indian and Mughal. The heart of this museum is filled with nearly 50000 unique artifacts which depict the rich, old and diverse historical facts of India. The nice weather makes a perfect combination with its location for a perfect and refreshing jog.

Now the name of this museum has been changed to ” Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay’. Besides historical artifacts, several new artwork and sculptures became part of this museum. The artwork related to Shri Krishna and different costumes indicates the rich past of this nation.

Kalbadevi Temple 

The old and enormous buildings of temples are also very famous in Mumbai. People come here and find themselves deeply connected with their deities. Kalbadevi road is expanded from the pydhonie police station to the metro cinema. This road has numerous temples including the very famous Kalbadevi mandir. Apart from Hindu and Jain temples, the swadeshi market of daily stuff like steel utensils is also present here. This market played an important role in the times of the Swadeshi movement. The widely known Chandanwadi Crematorium is also situated in Kalbadevi. As the Kalbadevi road reaches the southern end, there is a famous Edward theatre. The nice weather makes a perfect combination with its location for a perfect and refreshing jog.

Warli Seaface 

This place has a distinct charm. Whether the rage of waves or a soothing atmosphere right after the monsoon showers, both bring a unique experience to people. The Worli sea face is also famous as Rajiv Gandhi Sagar Setu. This place is most preferred by the people for evening and morning walks. The nice weather makes a perfect combination with its location for a perfect and refreshing jog. People come in a great number daily for refreshing purposes and to enjoy the weather and waves with their near and dear ones.

The Worli – Bandra sea link is the best option for long drives. Many films include this place in the shooting because of its picturesque quality. You can visit here any time without paying a single penny and make memorable moments with a nice company of people or alone. The gentle touch of natural waves heals your soul.

Global vipassana pagoda

The tranquility rules here. It gives you a vibe of mental peace with the effective Buddha teachings. It was inaugurated in the year 2009 by the former and very first female president, Pratibha Devi Singh Patil. This is world-famous for its stone structure and the dome-shaped stone structure is pillar-less. The breathtaking architecture of Buddhist heritage can satiate your photography desire and you can flaunt your Instagram feeds with these pictures without any filter.

If someone is tired of hustle and bustle of the city then visiting the pagoda will be the nicest option. Along with the peace it also serves people with cultural teachings and Buddha preachings. This place also provides people with a meditation center. You can visit here for free and savor the best peaceful moments.

RBI monetary museum

The RBI Monetary Museum is an unique in Mumbai because RBI had built this museum, and Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inaugurated it in 2004.The major aim behind establishing this museum was to depict the evolution and journey of money in the Indian culture, right from the old days of the barter system to the present era of plastic money. This museum has a lot of great things such as coins, paper money and other monetary artefacts.

This Museum tells the old story and history of paper money and its financial institution. It displays the currency notes, paper bonds, and certificates through a glass display in a very mesmerizing. Visitors can also see crucial anecdotes, bank seals and other banking-related things. There is a special section in the RBI Monetary Museum that interestingly provide information about currencies. Visitors who come to the museum can buy posters on currency and coins, greeting cards and postcards etc.cx

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