What Kind Of Artwork Should You Use For Your Patches?

What file format should the artwork for your patches be in, and how should you provide it to us so that we can make the most efficient use of it? This is one of the topics that we are asked more frequently than any other. Because we wanted to offer you an explanation that was as comprehensive as it could be, we decided that now would be a good moment to write a blog post specifically on the topic at hand.

Before I Submit My Artwork, What Kind Of Formatting Should It Have?

Before we get started on the formatting, you must know that we have a team of graphic artists that are extremely experienced and working hard to take your artwork and transform it into proofs that look beautiful. Patches have been designed by our artists using as little as scrawled notes on a napkin and as many as the highest resolution pictures as their inspiration. We will take your artwork in whatever format is feasible and make a patch that you will adore. This is the true answer to the question.

However, if you are a client who is interested in helping us create the least amount of work possible, our preference is that you send vector artwork for any projects that you have. One simple method is to sort by type of file. Adobe Illustrator is typically used to generate modern vector graphics, and the resulting files typically have one of many standard file extensions.

The use of vector artwork is recommended since it provides the clearest picture of how you want to make PVC patches look; therefore, it is the ideal alternative. However, this is not the only choice available to you. This article will tell you everything you need to know.

The Preferred Method For Sending Us Your Artwork

It won’t be difficult for you to send us your artwork once you’ve finished creating it and stored it in the appropriate format. You may get started on your free quotation from several different areas on our website, where you’ll find links to do so. If you want to get your purchase started and submit artwork, the best place to go is the form that gives you a free estimate.

You will find an area to upload your vector artwork directly on the form that you use to get an estimate. You won’t notice a file size upload restriction, but our system will enable you to upload up to 255 megabytes, which is bigger than the typical size of a file containing vector artwork, so you don’t have to worry about your upload being denied because of its size.

After you have uploaded the artwork and sent in your request for a quote, you will be able to go further. Your vector artwork will be taken by our team of highly trained artists, who will then transform it into your first free proof for your patch in less than or equal to forty-eight working hours. Your free proof will have your patch in the proper size to best represent your artwork (so make sure you are aware of the size your patch needs to be before placing your order), as well as all of the other design choices and patch upgrades that you have requested.

It takes a lot of talent to take your artwork and turn it into proof that truly represents your finished patch. Sending us your artwork in a format that will remain crisp and clear regardless of how far we have to zoom in on the image is the best way to ensure that we get every aspect of your patch just right. If you want to make sure that we get every aspect of your patch just right, send us your artwork in a format that will remain crisp and clear. Vector artwork will almost always be your best option, and this is just one of the reasons why.

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